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Asalmo Alaikum,

As we all know that most Sheikh(s) “Imams” receive a monthly wage from a government or other sources for teaching Quran. So, I decided to remind you that Allah has forbidden anyone from earning a penny from teaching Quran.

Allah said that whoever conceals anything from Quran and exchanges it for a small price will have a painful punishment in hellfire. This is for those who don’t teach Quran until they get paid.

•   Quran (2:174) Indeed, they who conceal what Allah has sent down of the Book and exchange it for a small price - those consume not into their bellies except the Fire. And Allah will not speak to them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He purify them. And they will have a painful punishment.

Allah commanded Muslims to follow those who do NOT ask for any payment. This means that Muslims should study Quran through those who do not charge any money. Allah said that those who don’t ask for any payment are the guided ones. Therefore, those who ask for payment are not guided. As we all know, Satan and the disbelievers are the ones who are not guided.

•   Quran (36:21) Follow those who do not ask of you [any] payment, and they are [rightly] guided.

Prophet (PBUH) said that whoever studies Quran with the intention that he will use this knowledge to find a job and earn money will never smell paradise.

•   Narrated by Abu Dawood, on the authority of Abu Hurairah, he said, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: He who learns knowledge of that (Quran) which seeks the Mighty Allah, does not learn it except to earn some worldly benefits with it, he will not find the fragrance of Paradise on the Day of Resurrection, meaning its smell.

Prophet (PBUH) also warned that people will come in the future who will teach Quran and will ask people to pay them.

•   On the authority of Imran bin Husayn, that he passed by a reciter reciting (Quran), then he asked (for money), and he returned (back the money to people), then he said: I heard Prophet (PBUH) saying: Whoever recites the Quran, let him ask Allah with it, for there will come people who will recite the Quran and they will ask people with it.

Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) did not allow a man to take a bow from teaching Quran, although his intention was that he wanted to use the bow to fight for the sake of Allah to defend Muslims from the aggressors.

•   Ubadah bin al-Samit said: I taught some people from among the people of the “Sifah” the Book and the Quran, and one of them gave me a bow, so I said: “It is not money, and I throw with it away for the sake of Allah”. So, I will go to the Prophet of Allah (PBUH) and will ask him. So, I said: O Prophet, a man who I taught the Book and the Quran gave me a bow, and it is not money, and I will use it to throw with it away for the sake of Allah. Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) said: If you like to be surrounded by a rope of fire (on the Day of Judgment) then accept it.

After all of these verses and Hadith(s), I am astonished that most Sheikh(s) “Imams” receive a monthly wage from a government or other sources for teaching Quran. The excuse of those who receive payments from teaching the Quran is that Imam Al-Shafi’i allowed earning money from teaching Quran. My first question is who Imam Al-Shafi’I is? He is a man like me and you, and he is not a prophet. All men err, and when we find any mistake, we should correct it, not follow it blindly. My second question is how you know that it is not that the enemy of Islam wrote this and attached it to his books. It does not make any sense to me that Imam Al-Shafi’i read these verses from Quran and Hadith(s) from the Prophet(s) and issued such a fatwa (decision).

Also, the excuse of those who receive payment for teaching Quran is this fabricated Hadith:

•   Ibn Abbas said some of the Prophet’s companions passed a watering-place where there was one who had been stung by a scorpion or bitten by a snake. One of the inhabitants of the watering-place accosted them and asked whether anyone among them could apply a charm, for at the watering-place there was a man who had been stung by a scorpion or bitten by a snake. One of them went and recited chapter Al-Fatihat from Quran in return for some sheep, and he was cured; but when he brought the sheep to his companions they disapproved of that saying, “You have taken payment for God’s Book.” When they came to Medina and told God’s Messenger that he had taken payment for God’s Book, he replied, “The most worthy thing for which you have taken payment is God’s Book.”

Glory be to Allah, how could it be possible that the Prophet (PBUH) said in three Hadith(s) that anyone who receives any payment from reciting/teaching Quran will never enter paradise and then he said in this Hadith that it’s the best thing you do is to receive money from reciting Quran. This Hadith clearly contradicts the other Hadith(s). If we return to Quran to find out whether this Hadith is correct or not, we will find out that it is incorrect because Allah said in Quran that an ill person needs medicine to be cured and the medicine that Allah mentioned in Quran is honey. Allah did not say that we need to read Quran to cure an ill person.

•   Quran (16:69) Then eat from all the fruits and follow the ways of your Lord laid down [for you]." There emerges from their bellies a drink, varying in colors, in which there is healing for people. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who give thought.

In fact, the Prophet (PBUH) instructed people to eat honey when they are ill. He did not instruct them to read Quran.

•   A man came to the Prophet and said: My brother is suffering from loose bowels. Prophet said: Let him drink honey. So he drank it. Then he came and said: O Messenger of Allah! He has drunk honey, but it has only made him worse. So the Messenger of Allah said: Let him drink honey. So he drank it. Then he came and said: O Messenger of Allah! I gave him some more to drink, but it has only made him worse. The Messenger of Allah said: Allah has told the truth, and your brother’s stomach has lied. Give him honey to drink. So he gave him some more honey to drink and he was cured.

Also, the excuse of those who earn money from teaching the Quran is that today there is a necessity because people are poor and they don’t have time to work and teach Quran. My first question is why do they need time to preach Quran? Anyone in the mosque can lead the five daily prayers, and the Sheikh “Imam” only has to deliver the Friday ceremony which is half an hour, and one hour to prepare for it. Do they consider one and half hours in a week something hard. Any Sheikh has an hour every day to volunteer teaching Quran after evening prayer and on weekends. I bet you that they spend hours and hours on TV every day. 

The only time a Sheikh “Imam” is allowed to earn money from teaching Quran is that he is very serious looking for any job to earn lawful money but unable to find one, then in this situation, he would be allowed to receive Zakah “charity” because he is poor. His intention should be that he is receiving Zakah, not wage from teaching Quran.

If you read Quran, all prophets never received any money from teaching the Book of Allah, they all had jobs. Some Sheikh(s) ask how then Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) used to make a living if he did not earn money from teaching Quran. Well, Prophet Mohamed’s (PBUH) wife Khadijah was a very wealthy woman and she gave him all her money when he became a prophet to help him spread Islam on earth. After 10 years of becoming a Prophet, Allah authorized him to fight the aggressors who used to attack him and allowed him to take their wealth “Ganimah” when he defeated them. Allah allowed one-fifth for the Prophet and the poor as a wage from the war booty “Ganimah”. In this situation, the Prophet was working as a soldier not sitting in an office collecting donations for his monthly wage.

•   Quran (8:41) And know that anything you obtain of war booty - then indeed, for Allah is one fifth of it and for the Messenger and for [his] near relatives and the orphans, the needy, and the [stranded] traveler, if you have believed in Allah and in that which We sent down to Our Servant on the day of criterion - the day when the two armies met. And Allah, over all things, is competent.

This is proof that Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) never received any money from teaching Quran:

•   Quran (68:46) Or do you ask of them a payment, so they are by debt burdened down?

I hope you understand now why Allah made Muslims slaves on earth and everyone is killing them. May Allah guide all of us to the straight path,


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