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I am a Muslimah !
« on: April 20, 2020, 01:57:04 PM »
Yes I am opressed and you know what opress me?
What opress me it's society that fight my hijab and want to take my right of wearing it...
What opress me is the bad looks I get everytime I go out and the names I'm called by such as "terrorists" or "backward" just for wearing hijab! No you won't succed in weakening me!
What opress me is that I have to justify to my friends and family why I wear hijab and feeling like a stranger among them fearing to speak about religion that they will find me boring...
What opress me it's the companies that refuse to hire me and can't find a job despite my good cv just because I wear hijab!
What opress me is the enemies of Allah and his prophet ,the soldiers of shaiytan surrounding me from everywhere to make my life harder because I obey Allah and that they work day and night to make it difficult on me to wear my hijab!
What opress me is the hypocrisy of the world that defend the right of women in wearing whatever they want such as short skirts and hair showing but when it comes to the right of wearing hijab they turn deaf..
They say don't judge a book by it's cover yet that's exactly what they are doing ...
What kills them is this strenght a muslim women in hijab have that say:" I am a muslim a slave of Allah and I scream it out loud ! You have no right to tell me what I should wear or to force me to take off my hijab! I will remain steadfast and wear my hijab proudly till I die!
You want to take from me my muslim identity but you waste your time with me you cannot brainwash a slave of Allah who knows exactly what's her worth and her religion! You want to feed your perverts desires with your eyes on me but unfortunately there's nothing for you to see ...
I am protected by this shield Allah sent on me called "hijab" and no one can force me to surrender" *
I am a muslim a slave of my creator only and not slave of society


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