Author Topic: Irrefutable evidence of Biblical tampering  (Read 2116 times)

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Irrefutable evidence of Biblical tampering
« on: October 21, 2017, 02:16:24 PM »

I am uncertain if this topic is covered on this website.

But Dt 32:8 in LUX and DSS attributes the rule of the 70 (see: table of nations) post Babel nations to "The sons of God."

While the Masoretic (KJV , NIV) has replaced the Word God with Israel.

Now at this point Jacob/Israel hadn't even been born. Also he had 12 sons, not 70. If you wish to claim it refers to the sons of the sons of Jacob, you'd be mistaken as either it refers to the 12 or all Israelites, not just his generation.

Sons of Adam, daughter of Aaron applied to wife of Zechariah (sa), are terms that easily prove this.

So what does a Christian say when confronted with this?

Nothing that can erase the obvious fraud of the Masoretes, that much is for certain, and since it is the source of the JOB and NIV translation it's not a Tanakh specific issue.

All I have to say is the 2 oldest of the 3 texts say "sons/angels of God" while only the Hebrew Tanakh, from 1,000AD or so, changed God to Israel.

Imagine one copy of the Qur'an attributing something to Allah appeared attributing said something to Mohammed (saw), Jews and Christians would be all over it.

Fortunately we don't have their problems with integrity of scripture, for which, al-HumdAllah!!!


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