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Not clear post, for deletion. Apologies.
« on: November 22, 2012, 12:10:24 PM »
Peace Be Upon All, Thank you for accepting me in your Forum. The following is some thing I have noticed in a Bible that was given to me by my Neighbour: I would like to point that all the biblical quotes are taken from Douay Rheims , The Holy BibleTranslated from the Latin Vulgate and diligently compared with the Hebrew, Greek and other editions in divers languages . The following names are found in that Bible among a lot of other names: 2 Esdras chapter 10, page 447: Mosollam mentioned 2 times under the names of the subscribers to the covenant. 2 Esdras chapter 11, page 448 From The priests, the levites, the Nathinites and the children of the servants of Solomon: Sellum the son of Mosollam, Saraia the son of Helcias, the son of Mosollam, and the son of Mosollamoth 2 Esdras chapter 12 The name Mosollam is mentioned 4 times . Discussion: There are two male names stemming from the word Islam root SLM: Moslem Mosallam : a very widely used name in the Arabian Gulf area. Please check this out at the following link: Etymology 1 Active participle of أسلم (aslama), from the root س ل م (IPA: /s-l-m/) مُسْلِمٌ‎ • (múslim) m, plural مسلمون (muslimūn)‎, مسلمة (múslima) f 1. Muslim Etymology 2 Passive participle of سلم (sallama), from the root س ل م (IPA: /s-l-m/) Adjective مسلم • (musállam) 1. unimpaired, intact, unblemished, flawless 2. accepted, uncontested, incontestable, indisputable, incontrovertible Further explanation about the spelling in Arabic: Arabic Langauge has 3 vowels: A (ا), O (و) and E (ي) for example the letter M (م) is written as follows accompanied by a vowel: م + و= مو Moo م+ي= مي Mee م+ا= ما Maa And the Arabic language has 5 main moves which are written as signs above or below a letter and these are not vowels مُ Mo سُ So Lo لُ مَ Ma Sa سَ La لَ مِ Me سِ Se Le لِ مْ M سْ S L لْ مّ Mm سّ Ss Ll لّ Moslem is written مُسْلِم Mosallam is written مُسَلّم And in the Bible Mosollam is written مُسُلّم So you can see that the names Mosollam and Mosollamoth mentioned in the Holy Bible are clearly stemming from the word Islam and the root S, L ,M. Further more you will understand now why the anti-islamic sites and blogs bring the debate of Moslem/Muslim trying to convince us that Moslem is a bad word that we should not adopt any more. For the sake of the Truth. Moslem
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