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Assalamu alaikum, brothers.
I suggest you sadat to read some newspapers. This news is everywhere now.

Assalamu alaikum,

If you see this Sadat, you will know how appropriate the topic 'Satan has his ways' is.........

Check out the second one.

If you tell a muslim to adopt a cross, a star of david, a shastika or a owm, he will never do it. Perhaps he will even rebuke you. But see how muslims are using a symbol, which is totally invalid in Quran and Sunnah, rather directly related with Lucifer himself! WOW! Bless this bidati ummah!

May Allah show us the right path and destroy this symbol,
Abu Abdullah

Assalamu alaikum brothers,

I am starting this thread depicting a sad story.

In Japan, some people wanted to become Muslims. They went to a Muslim organization in Tokyo to accept Islam. There were two different type of Muslims, Indians who followed Hanafi majhab and Indonesians who followed Shafi'i Majhab. As we all know, every Muslim feels lucky if any disbeliever accepts Islam in his hand. But when those Japanese people went to the office, the so called muqallids(blind followers of Mujtahid  Imams) said them that following a majhab is obligatory in Islam. The Indians told them to accept Hanafi majhab and the Indonesians told them to accept Shafi'i majhab. The people who wanted to accept Islam became confused and this division among Muslims became a great bane in their path to guidance.

It is a very important thing that when we call anyone to Islam, we must call them to follow Quran and Sunnah. It is a sad thing that Muslims are divided now in the name of majhabs and they are calling the people to their own majhab instead of calling to Islam. I'll write more later.

May Allah show us the path of righteousness.

Abu Abdullah

Assalamu alaikum brothers,

Yes I know those are not brother Abdullah Tahmeed's personal questions. I'm just giving him some food for thought. By the way, if you feel that I am insulting you, I'm sorry brother Abdullah Tahmeed. The atheists those who ask this type of questions, ask these using our belief. That's why we will have to show them that we pray to Allah for His mercy upon us and remove the lebel of ungratefulness from us. And by doing so, Allah will be pleased with us and gift us Jannah.

If the atheists say, "We don't know why ther is need of heaven or hell?" Ask them a counter question, "You are saying that there is no need of heaven and hell. Okay. Then tell me how can you judge a human's deeds. As there is no afterlife there is no need to distinguish between good and evil. Cause in this world, I can easily escape any type of judgement if I have money and power. I can do as much vices as I need. Because none can catch me as I am powerful. This is my only life, why will I waste it thinking about human dignity? If anyone kills 100s of people, can you punish him in this world killing him 100 times?

See how does he answer you. If you need any help, just ask us.

May Allah bless us all.

Abu Abdullah

Assalamu alaikum brothers,

Allah doesn't need any of our praises. Our praises doesn't increase His bigness and omnipotence and our ungratefulness also doesn't decrease His anything else. He doesn't care about us. But think of it, all the things that He has given to us, He is worth of praising. But we are not capable of praising Him. Yes, He doesn't care about the creatures. But we care about Him. Cause indeed He is our creator and we want to be grateful to Him. Nobody likes anyone ungrateful. But how will we praise Him? Allah is the All-Knowing one. Only He knows how to worship Him. That's why He has sent prophets. As ungrateful creations are worth of abandonement, He throws those people into hell who deny Him and associate partners with Him. That is what we care for.

Brother Abdullah Tahmeed, do you want to be thrown into hell for your ungratefulness? That's upto you.

May Allah forgive us all.

Assalamu alaikum brother isa. I have a facebook account. Tahmeed doesn't have any. He is my closest friend. We can help you together through my account. My email id

I think this might help. I found this from here
"It has served us well, this
myth of Christ"
-Pope Leo X [1475-1521]*
The resurrection is a
common theme found in
numerous completely
different religions throughout
the world, symbolic of a
descent to the underworld
and a later return.
Mesopotamia: Ishtar's/
Inanna's descent and return
[she was resurrected from
the dead], Egypt: Osiris, God
of the Underworld was
resurrected, Greece:
Persephone's descent into
the underworld and return,
the list of resurrected Gods
is extensive and is based a
concept, not actual
characters. This allegory is
based upon the Magnum
Opus and what is known as
the "Nigredo Stage." For
more information, read the
article Exposing Spiritual
Corruption: Spiritual Alchemy
& the Bible.
Anu, Enlil and Ea- the
Christian Church stole
their "God the Father,"
and "God the Son" from
this one.
Bel-Saturn, Jupiter-Bel,
and Baal-Chom
Brahma, Vishnu, and
Mithra, Varuna, and
Jupiter, Juno, and
Osiris, Isis, and Horus
Three-bodied goddess
Three-headed Scylla
Triune divinities of the
Three-headed Dog,
Taoism: the trinity San
Qing [Three Pure Gods].
Yu Qing [Jade Pure] Shang
Qing [Upper Pure] and Tai
Qing [Great Pure]
Monju Bosatsu, Fugen
Bosatsu and the historical
Buddha called the "Shaka
Ka [Spirit or Ether], Ba
[ Body], and the Ankh
Tamas [Stability] Sattwa
[orderliness] Rajas
[Restlessness] from the
"Guna" Sanskrit
Artemis, Aphrodite, and
Kore, Persephone, and
Shen [Spirit], C'hi
[Vitality], and Ching
[Essence] the three
treasures of Taoist Wai
Tai [internal alchemy]
Alpha, Omega, and Iota
The Devil's Trident [the
Of course, we can't forget
"the Father, the Son and the
Holy Ghost."
The Nazarene's crucifixion is
nothing new. Acts 5:30 The
God of our fathers raised up
Jesus, whom ye slew and
hanged on a tree. I Peter
2:24 Who his own self bare
our sins in his own body on
the tree, that we, being dead
to sins, should live unto
righteousness: by whose
stripes ye were healed.
The Norse God Odin
preceded Jesus the Christ.
Odin hung from a tree and
experienced a death of sorts
to obtain knowledge.
Through being "reborn," he
obtained gnosis [advanced
spiritual knowledge], as did
the Egyptian God Set who
was “crucified” on a “cross”
known as a furka.1 In
addition, Krishna, Marsyas,
Dodonian, and Zeus also
hung from trees. This is also
the meaning of the hanged
man card in the Tarot. The
Buddha also sat beneath a
"Bo Tree." "Bo" is of "Boa"
meaning "serpent" the
kundalini. The tree is an
ancient depiction of the
human soul, with the trunk
being symbolic of the spine
and the branches
symbolizing the 144,000
nadis with the leaves and
fruits symbolizing the fruits
of meditations; the life force
and powers of the mind and
soul. In addition, Krishna,
Marsyas, Dodonian, and
Zeus also hung from trees.
"144,000" is another Jewish/
Christian Biblical corruption
of an allegory having to do
with the nadis of the human
soul, of which are special
pathways for the life-force.
Below is a further list of
Gods who hung from trees:
Tammuz of Syria, 1160
Wittoba of the
Telingonese, 552 BCE
Iao of Nepal, 622 BCE Iao
is often spelt "Jao" sound
familiar? This is the root
of the Hebrew god
Hesus of the Celtic Druids,
834 BCE. Note the
similarity of "Hesus" with
Quetzalcoatl of Mexico 587
Quirinus of Rome 506 BCE
Prometheus 547 BCE "In
the account of the
crucifixion of Prometheus
of Caucasus, as furnished
by Seneca, Hesiod and
other writers, it is stated
that he was nailed to an
upright beam of timber to
which were affixed
extended arms of wood,
and that this cross was
situated near the Caspian
Thulis of Egypt, 1700 BCE
Indra of Tibet, 725 BCE
Alcestos of Euripedes, 600
Atys of Phrygia, 1170 BCE
Crite of Chaldea, 1200 BCE
Bali of Orissa, 725 BCE
Mithra of Persia, 600 BCE
The above list was taken
from the book "The World's
Sixteen Crucified Saviors" by
Kersey Graves, Sixth
Edition- 1960
Also, the regarding the name
"Jesus," the five letters
represent the five elements-
fire, earth, air, water, and
quintessence of the human
soul, the fictitious character
was stolen from Pagan
ALLEGORIES- he was said to
have lived "33 years" which
correspond to the
vertebrate of the human
spine where the kundalini
serpent ascends, which
transforms the human mind
and soul into super
consciousness. This is what
is meant by a 33rd degree
Mason. The two others who
were crucified along with the
Nazarene make up another
trinity and are again
ALLEGORIES of the three
major sections of the soul
where there is a cross of
energies; the main being the
neuter heart chakra [larger
cross], where the shoulder
chakras have wings and the
two smaller hip and sixth
chakras. For those of you
who are unfamiliar with the
occult, study everything on
this website and also the Joy
of Satan website which is
very revealing regarding
spiritual knowledge.
The Nazarene was invented
from a CONCEPT. The
Nazarene is what is known
as the chi, the "witchpower,"
"prana" and other terms for
the powers of the human
mind and soul. The many
depictions of halos indicate
the risen Serpent of Satan,
also known as the kundalini.
The cross was originally
equal-armed and is the
shape of the human soul.
This has been hideously
corrupted as well. The
"Jesus Saves" bunk that
Christians parrot out like a
pull on the cord child's toy, is
false. In reality, only your
own powers will save you.
Through power meditation,
we can heal ourselves, and
survive situations that will
prove disastrous to those
who lack this knowledge. The
ascended serpent is the
prerequisite for the Magnum
Opus working that makes
one physically and spiritually
perfect and immortal. This is
another area where the
deluded Christians keep
repeating the "everlasting
life" phrase without any idea
of what it really is, means or
how to obtain it.
The Latin cross was not a
part of Christianity until the
7th century and not fully
acknowledged until the 9th
Primitive churches preferred
to represent the Nazarene
with the lamb. The lamb, by
the way is another stolen
symbol. The lamb of Easter is
represented by the sign of
Aries the Ram" [which begins
on March 21st of every
year]. The Lamb was also
carried by Hermes and
The spring lamb, symbolic of
when the sun enters the sign
of Aries, which is symbolized
by the ram, also has to do
with beginning the Magnum
Opus working.
EASTER was stolen from
Astaroth. Originally known as
"Ashtar." This holiday
coincides with the Vernal
Equinox of spring when day
and night are of equal length.
This holiday is known as
"Eastre" to the Anglo-
Saxons. As the Goddess of
fertility, she was associated
with rabbits and eggs. The
Christians stole this holiday
and corrupted its meaning.
Other names for the holiday
include: Easter, Eastre, Eos,
Eostre, Ester, Estrus,
[Estrus is when an animal
goes into heat; mating
season], Oestrus, Oistros,
and Ostara. Again, the "Lamb
of God" was stolen from the
Zodiac sign of Aries the Ram,
which occurs every spring.
25th. Coinciding with the
Winter Solstice, December
25th is close to the shortest
day of the year, and is the
birth date of the Persian God
Mithra, and is the Roman
Holiday of Saturnalias. The
tree, decorations, baking,
gifts and celebrating have
NOTHING to do with the
Nazarene. These are carry-
overs from Pagan
celebrations. Again, the tree
with the lights and
decorations is symbolic of
the risen serpent, the soul
that has been lit up, as all of
the 144,000 nadis are alive
with energy. The shape of
the fir tree, as it culminates
in a point, symbolizes the
welling up of energy to the
top of the head, no different
form the symbolism of the
Egyptian pyramids,
terminating in a point. There
are many different Pagan
Gods associated with and
celebrated around or on
December 25th.
"All Saint's Day" corresponds
with "Halloween/Samhain."
"Assumption Day" coincides
with "Lammas Day" of the
"Summer Solstice."
All of these holidays which
were originally GENTILE/
PAGAN have been replaced
to conform with and focus on
fictitious Jewish characters.
For more detailed information
regarding the theft and
corruption of Pagan holidays,
see The Stolen Year
The Cincture is a
parallel to the Witch's
Cord or Girdle
The Alb is a
Ceremonial Robe
The Bishop's Miter is
a copy of the Ancient
Egyptian Crowns of
the Gods and the
The Crosier
represents the
sorcerer's blasting
rod and bears a
strong resemblance
to the Ancient
Egyptian Crook
The usual Christian
mass/service makes use
of the following:
The Bell
The Incense burner/
The Candles
The Host
The Book
The Chalice filled with
Yet, in spite of this, the
Christian Church
murdered en masse,
those accused of being
witches, sorcerers and
those of Pagan religions.
With Christian sacraments, it
is obvious they are bogus.
One can come and go as one
pleases and they have no
meaning. Of course this
stands to reason as they
were all stolen. Some blatant
Baptism with water
Confession- stolen from
the Papyrus of the Royal
Mother Nezemt
The Communion Host
During a mass or church
service, the priest or
minister recites the line of
"Eat my body and drink my
blood" for the blessing of the
communion host/Eucharist.
This is a simulation of a
human blood sacrifice. For
more in-depth information,
please see The Christian
Mass/Service: a Simulation of
a Human Blood Sacrifice
The "Holy Spirit"
The "Holy Spirit" supposedly
descended upon the apostles
of the Nazarene in tongues
of fire. AGAIN, this is the
Serpent of Satan, the
kundalini, and has been
stolen and corrupted from
Pagan religions, especially
those of the Far East.
Paganism has been labeled
as "Satanism." Also, the word
"Pagan" means "Gentile."
Acts 2:2-4
2:2 And suddenly there came
a sound from heaven as of a
rushing mighty wind, and it
filled all the house where
they were sitting.
2:3 And there appeared unto
them cloven tongues like as
of fire, and it sat upon each
of them.
2:4 And they were all filled
with the Holy Ghost, and
began to speak with other
tongues, as the Spirit gave
them utterance.
The Serpent is known to
bring knowledge and
expanded consciousness;
"Ushnisha" is known as
“flame of invisible light” sat
upon the head of the Buddha
or Buddhist holy man
indicating divine intelligence.
The flames are the ascended
kundalini serpent, which is of
The Rosary was stolen
from Tibetan Mala Beads.
Mala beads are used for
counting mantras, by
sliding the fingers from
bead to bead, so one is
not distracted by having
to keep track of the
numbers during meditation.
The repetition of the "Hail
Marys" and the "Our
Fathers" most common to
Catholicism were stolen
and corrupted from the
Far East Asian Mantras. A
Mantra is a word of power,
vibrated repeatedly to
focus the mind in
meditation, and to manifest
one's wishes and desires
into reality. "AUM" is the
most common, and this is
where the Christian used
word "AMEN" was stolen
from; also from the
Egyptian God Amon, whose
name means the same
"AUM." The robotic
repetitious prayers recited
over and over again in
Christian Churches are
also corrupted imitations
of mantras.
The church steeple is a copy
of the Egyptian Obelisk; the
only difference is the crucifix
on top. We are all familiar
with the Egyptian obelisk,
such as "Cleopatra's
Needle." This has a lot in
common with the "Maypole."
The "Maypole" was the
symbol for the May King's
phallus [erect penis]. This is
a symbol of fertility. On the
eve of Beltane [April 30th],
celebrants danced around
the maypole. The original
Egyptian obelisks were
symbols of the phallus. They
represented the erect organ
of the earth God "Geb" as he
lay on the ground trying to
reach up to unite himself with
the Goddess "Neith/Nut" of
the overarching sky.
Unbeknownst to most
Christians, their church
steeple is a symbolic erect
penis with a cross on top.
The HALO, indicative of a
risen Serpent of Satan
[kundalini], was stolen
from Hindu Gods and the
Buddha. Both religions
predated Christianity by
That annoying fish symbol
the Christians use has also
been stolen and corrupted.
It is called a "yoni" and the
Christians turned it on its
side. It is really a vagina
and its correct position is
seen here at left. The yoni is
a very ancient symbol and
can be seen in many old
decks of Tarot cards, as is
pictured here.
Christians venerating
relics, ringing bells and
burning incense are
unwittingly imitating Hindu
rituals that were
established many
centuries before Judeo/
The praying hands were
stolen as well. They are
an ancient Yogic Mudra.
There are statues of the
Hindu Gods and also the
Buddha with the praying
hands known as the
folded hands as well, are
a variation, and another
mudra that was stolen.
Mudras are used in
meditation to connect the
minor chakra circuits in the
hands and fingers. Many
Yoga asanas have these
as well. Check any on-line
images of Hatha Yoga
postures. Yoga predates
The Saints took the place of
the Old Gods in the Catholic
religion as the pope used
this replacement method for
converting polytheists to
monotheism. Ancient Pagan
Temples, along with libraries
that contained important
spiritual texts, were
destroyed and razed by
Christians. Christian
churches were built often
over these. Many Pagaan
tempales were built on Ley
Lines, especially in Europe.

« on: April 25, 2015, 08:34:32 AM »
Assalamu alaikum dear brothers,

I guess you know about 'Tablig Jam'at', a dawah activity for muslims worldwide. If you don't, see There are many confusions about their activities. From one point of view, their activities seem to be Bida't. But from another point of view, they seem to be alright.

For example, they travel from one mosque to another, and sometimes the mosques are situated far away from one another. This seems to contradict the following hadiths:

Narrated Quza'a: I heard Abu Sa`id saying four words. He said, "I heard the
Prophet (saying the following narrative)." He had participated in twelve holy battles with the Prophet. Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, "Do not set out on a journey except for three Mosques i.e. Al−Masjid−AI−Haram, the Mosque of Allah's Apostle , and the Mosque of Al−Aqsa, (Mosque of Jerusalem)."
(Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 2, 281)

Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) reported it directly from Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) that he said: Do not undertake journey but to three mosques: this mosque of mine, the Mosque of al−Haram and the Mosque of Aqsa (Bait al−Maqdis). (Sahih Muslim, Vol. 2, 3218)

Abu Basra Al-Gifari (R) met Abu Huraira (R) in his way while he was returning from a travel. Then Abu Huraira (R) asked him from where he was returning. Abu Basra (R) replied that he had prayed at At-Tur and was returning. Hearing this, Abu Huraira (R) said, ' If you had met me before you started, because I heard Messenger of Allah saying: "Do not set out on a journey except for three Mosques i.e. Al−Masjid−AI−Haram, the Mosque of Allah's Apostle , and the Mosque of Al−Aqsa, (Mosque of Jerusalem)."  (Ahmad)


The Hadiths prohibit setting out for mosque if one has the intention for virtue (through Salat). But the people of Tablig don't do this for Salat but for Daw'ah. This may say that their traveling from one mosque to another distant one is alright.

Can someone knowledgeable please make this clear? And please don't think that I am against Tablig. I am neither with them nor against them. I am neutral here and just want to clear my confusion. So please be neutral too, dear brothers.

And this is not my only question about them. After clarifying this one, InshAllah I will post more questions about Tablig Jam'at in this thread.

Waiting for your replies.

And Allah knows best.........

Abu Abdullah

Assalamu alaikum brother tahmeed.
I have stated this example because unlike every other religion, islam is 100% practical. We implement and practise what we believe. But the other ones are not like this. That's why a practical exam is needed. Brother, beliefs cannot be compared or examined. We should also look for implementetions. Because, it is hard to make one believe something what one doesn't. But if the worldly implementetions are found useful it becomes easy for one to believe something.
And Allah knows best.

Assalamu alaikum to all brothers.

First of all' let's see where did this pantheism comes from? It is derived from the concept of "GOD IS EVERYWHERE". This is surely a dangerous and blasphemous idea. It is like when Al-Hallaj, a sufi said, "ANAL HAQ" (I AM THE TRUTH or I AM GOD). Some of the muslims also believe this dangerous idea. It is specially known as "WAHDATUL UZUD". It means the universe and God is an unified body (nauzubillah). They give the reference of this type of ayat "To Allah belong the east and the West:Whithersoever ye turn, there is Allah's
countenance. For Allah is all-Embracing, all-knowing(2:115)

But in Tafsir ibn kasir as the explanation of this ayat, he has said that it means that the knowledge and satisfaction of Allah is everywhere, but he is above every creation. The Most Beneficent (Allâh) Istawâ (rose over) the (Mighty) Throne (in a manner that suits His Majesty) (20:5)

Do ye feel secure that He Who is in heaven will not cause you to be swallowed up by the earth
when it shakes (as in an earthquake)?Or do ye feel secure that He Who is in Heaven will not send against you a violent tornado (with showers of stones), so that ye shall know how (terrible) was My warning?(67:5)

From this ayats, we are seeing that Allah is above every creation.

Islam is the ultimate and final Abrahamic religion. After Islam came, every other religion has become outdated.So "Believing in the concept of 'Allah is everywhere'" is a kufr. So, pantheism is a kufr. Because also in pantheism it is said that, "BRAHMA IS EVERYWHERE".

Now let's see why  abrahamic religion is the best one. The full potential of abrahamic religion is revealed through Islam. Like all religions, Islam also tell us to good deeds and stay away from bad deeds. But it also shows us how we can prevent us from the bad deeds. As an example, all the religions tell us not to steal. But Islam also shows us how we can prevent thieving. We must pay Zakat, we must cut off the hands of the thieves. In this way, thieving can be prevented.

May Allah Bless  Us All
Abu Abdullah

Assalamu alaikum, brother khan, may Allah guide our ummah in the right path. I am very glad to read your post. We, muslims, should always be united on quran and sunnah. We should act like one body as Rasul(sm) has told us to. But it is a very sorrowful fact that when we call people to the sovereignty of Allah, as a part of tawheed, they treat us astray and call us kharijees. I read in a blog today, the writer has told that Rasul(sm) and khulafa a rashidin didn't run the khilafat on the basis of sovereignty of Allah, they ran it on the basis of treaties between muslims and non-muslims! If we look into the muslims country, we will see that in the name of democracy we are divided and fighting for power and authority. They are killing their own muslim brothers and sisters in the name of establishing the tagut,democracy. What do you think we muslims should do now by the quran and sunnah?
Reply soon.
Take care.
Abu Abdullah

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