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Islam will forever remain the staunch enemy of the church who believes that the struggle of the cross against the crescent is still relevant, for her the danger is always present, as we can see from the words of British scholar specializing in Islam: For centuries, Islam has been the great enemy of Christendom, because Christendom was not in direct contact with any other organized state comparable in power to Muslims.

The challenge to Islamic dogma has lasted for fourteen hundred years and will never cease. What do you expect the Muslim religion has the real gift of irritating the Christian church especially with the reassuring confidence in the written testimonies that Muslims have received in the revelation of the Qur'an. Because we must not be mistaken, beyond the recurring quarrels between Christians and Muslims on such or such a theme, the real fight is aimed at our affirmation in the divine aspect of Islamic revelation and it is in this sense that a Christian cleric had honestly testified that "Islam offers a virility and a security which no longer exist in Christianity"

Giving an origin to Islam in order to demonstrate that it is only a revival of old Jewish and Christian customs, I find that quite simply fascinating, especially since it is Christian religious defenders of a systematic Christian humanism who claim it loud and clear.

The church with its Catholic Institutes and Research Centers tries to launch a whole armada of pseudo-specialist priests or crooked priests with the aim of dissimulation, other than that of teaching the truth more objectively but with the aim being to demonstrate that the 'Islam is only a revival of old Jewish and Christian customs, I find that quite simply fascinating, especially since it is Christian religious who claim it because mistrust would be in order.

These different religious of all tendencies refuse to see the evidence that makes Christianity a belief of transition between strict Judaism and pagan culture, without forgetting that Christianity resulting from Judaism has generated Christianized sects whose each partition tries to justify human actions and choices totally opposed to the original teachings of the ancient Hebrew writings. However, it should also be noted the disturbing absence of written testimonies of events supposed to have taken place and the origins of the various texts of the Gospels also remain very controversial this of course throws a legitimate doubt whereas the official version of these Gospels does not been validated more than three hundred years after their supposed writing. What is ridiculous, however, is being able to draw conclusions from a few extracts.

I ask myself more and more the following questions:

-How do these people of the Church (Abbot and Missionary Priests) take a deep interest in Islam when, on their own dogma, they ignore almost everything?

-What gives these Christian clerics authority to speak about Islam?

Most certainly the great fear of having understood that Islam is the pinnacle of the revelation which abolishes all that is previous, and in the situations of fear, even of anguish, which followed, the role of media has not always been very positive.

-When will some Christian religious hypercritics stop spouting such trivialities, fariboles which amount to an attack on the most elementary freedom, of belief?

This kind of work that surfs the distortions and lies about Islam through the ages has not been limited to a small number of scholars and clergy. But they are part of the popular culture of the whole church.

If the church thinks through this kind of work to make an effort to modernize the common reading of the religious, I will say once again that this kind of small elitist causes have created doubts about the origin of Islam, instead to study this religion with the tools of historical and theological analysis without seeing this belief with pink glasses of Western legend which shows that one aspect of false Christian representations of Islam

For a very long time, Muslims were content to accept what Christians said about themselves, although they saw that there were many contradictions and inconsistencies in the writings and in the official historiography of Jesus Christ. came to realize the Judaism which had been lost. The only essential difference: is Jesus God. He became so for Christians 300 years after his death at the request of Emperor Constantine. Christianity was born out of dissent within the Jewish community. It is not an invention of the Romans who, moreover, fought it for a long time. Islam on the contrary has nothing to do with Judaism, nor with the Christian sect: it is a pure divine product!

Today, most Muslims would likely agree that the majority of the distortions about Islam come from crooked clerics and the media, whether in newspapers, magazines or on television, and there is a problem of representative ness and nature of sources.
What haven't we heard on the subject?

That Allah is an ancient pagan god?
That Islam is not the product of divine revelation?
That Mohamed (SAWS) is not a prophet?
That Mohammed (SAWS) never had the Qur'an in his hands?
That the Qur'an is the work of Waraqa Ibn Nawfal, who is sometimes called Jewish Rabbi, sometimes Christian priest or even an Ebionite (especially in the sources of the fascosphere)?
That Allah is an ancient pagan god?
That the systematic questioning of Islam as a source of violence is easily admitted
That Islam, a legacy of a Judeo-Nazarene heretical sect that never existed, except perhaps in the minds of some zealous preachers, and is not a historical reality.

Indeed, there is no evidence of the existence of Nazarene heretics, neither in Syria nor in Arabia. The notion of the Judeo-Nazarene masks the will to the exclusion of the divine revelation of Islam.

Why did these sacred Judeo-Nazarenes need another religion and why despite the supposed presence of Christianity and Judaism in Arabia, this region did not become Christian or Jewish, it would have been easier for them?

These speeches do not pass anymore!!!!!!

In terms of the number of people affected by such information, the mass media certainly have a more widespread impact on the Western view of Islam.

The fairest response of Muslims to Christians is contained in the Qur'an which is intended to be a collection of answers to questions and reminders, precisely concerning the First Books ("The old leaves: the leaves of Abraham and Moses" ) and the Gospels. Is it not said (to the prophet of Islam) in the Quran 88: 21-22:

“Well, call back! You are just a reminder; you have no authority over them!

(Remind them of the blessings of God and the signs of His uniqueness, for you are only responsible for reminding them of all this. You have no authority over them.) ”.

Finally, to maintain that the prophet Islam is the editor of the Qur'an is unparalleled ineptitude, at this level and if Christianity is a continuation (refused by the Jews) of the Jewish religion, Islam n 'has no connection and especially it is not because there are names (Abraham, Jesus, Mary…) common between the Bible and the Qur'an that they are identical people. Just because there are some common concepts between these two beliefs does not mean that they are identical concepts. The Judeo-Christian belief and the Islamic belief are quite simply incompatible, and therefore can in no way go hand in hand.

This is the paradox of Christianity, wanting to demonstrate what does not exist to those (Muslims) who are convinced of the divine existence of their belief; you almost wonder which ones are the most believers !!!!!!
Christianity with ambitious thinkers in theological debates and ethno-religious divides manages to discover the supposed Judeo-Nazarene origin of Islam, however this same Christianity completely ignores a period of 18 Years in the biography of Jesus Christ and any explanation of this period is therefore made only of hypotheses because the writings of Christianity say nothing of these hidden years, or dark years, I must admit that the opinions of the Church on itself are not explanations just far-fetched quibbles to get out of a contradiction, not without reason, what is at stake is the primacy of dogma. Relics, parades, pilgrimages, bleeding statues, Lourdes, Fatima and miraculous healings?

This is sensational!!!!!!!



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