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Abdullah, Please delete this post and let's all direct message Osama before someone else buys it.

Like how the military give (Burn after reading) missions :p

@Abdullah It was just stated that he split the moon but where does this one side here and one side behind a mountain using his fingers come from?

Was it a moon quake (during his time?) Or an eclipse or an actual split or what? Nothing makes sense

Hope I'm not irritating but lastly,didnt nasa refute the moon split claim ?

In addition,how can we confirm 100% that the moon split isn't what most people think it is ?

Are there scholars that also denied it happening ?

Salam Alaykum to everyone,

Regarding the verse 7 heavens  (which was interpreted to layers of atmosphere) and 7 earths as in layers.

Why is it that whenever i try to research it all i find is 5 layers and a whole bunch of "Rebuttals" claiming how it's a scientific error ?

Thank you.

@AhmedFarooq sure you can send it i know an urdu speaker who can translate it for me :)

@AhmedFarooq oh yeah i forgot that these "scientists" just throw every single religion under the term creationist. Everywhere i look they keep saying "we evolved from apes and theyre our fathers bla bla adam isnt real or the first) ?
So evolution doesnt really pose a problem to Islam is what we're agreeing on ?

@submit i agree i remember reading before. But we cant fall under the term creationist like typical christians. Atleast i hope we're not.

@AbdullahAlMadi Thank you,but how exactly can the two be compatible?

@AhmedFarooq I first started watching his videos but it does not feel convincing enough he seems threatened by the topic. Correct me if I'm wrong.

@submit Eventhough science can't alter their dna or monkeys to learn grammar past an elementary level why do SO many of the current top scientists propose evolution as a fact and lable us creationist fools ?

^if any others have answers for that as well please ? It would be helpful.

Thank you :)

Hello everyone,

I'd like to thank this team of researchers from the bottom of my heart for helping me with my belief in الله at a time when i was very lost and devastated.

Despite my imaan in الله being strengthed. I am currently at a state of struggling disbelief regarding the theory or (fact) of evolution as many seem to claim. Eventhough, Darwin himself disproved his own theory.

If so,why are people hardcore preaching it ? Now i understand micro-evolution is real since we adapt to our environment but macro seems impossible. I'm a very paranoid person to begin with but from all i see from muslims is they accept it as a fact.

Yet if you deny macro evolution you're suddenly labled as an idiot or radical Christian. Also, if someone could finally put an end to that ignorant richard dawkins claims that would be much appreciated. As im struggling at the moment.

Thank you and Eid Mubarak !

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