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None.  They never had a real reason to.  No threat, no persecution.
JazakAllah for the explanation brother ,
is there any examples where people had decided to migrate ?
Wa Alaikum As'salam brother,

Both a Muslim and non-Muslim can always migrate to another land.  So to answer your point, yes they can leave the land and migrate.  However, there is no need for that because Islam offers them protection when they become Dhimmis (derived from Dhimma: Trust, Integrity).  They are under the trust of the state.  The state protects them.  Now, they're not Muslims and they do come from hostile people.  So as long as they live peacefully under the Islamic State, then they'll have nothing to worry about.  They can go about their daily businesses.  Otherwise, they can also migrate and leave.

To the reader, please visit:  (Jizyah in Bible)

Take care,
Osama Abdallah
Jazaka Allah Khayr, dear brother Dawud.  I have saved your images to the website and relinked them to permanently preserve them.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah
Assalamualikum brothers and sisters ,

According to islam, if a city has been overcome by the islamic state, And they are people of the book , what options do they have ? i understand they can either A convert or B pay the jizya, but can they refuse either of those and just move city? or would they be forced to pay jizya? please clarify brother if and when you get the chance, JazakaAllah kair,

(I have read the work on this site about jizya , however what i would like to know is , can the people of the book have a third option to just leave the city ? or are they then forced to pay jizya ? Jazakallah )
Yeah it was those two spellings. May Allah give you the strength to research this miracle. Insha Allah
Here are two examples of different spellings of Abraham, peace be upon him:

I'll get to this when I get a chance.  I haven't researched it in a long time.  Brother Adnan Al-Refaei mentioned this Miracle as an example from many examples of how the spelling of Words in the Glorious Quran is not random.

Take care,
Hey Osama, why did you remove the Abraham topic? I asked a question. Are you talking about the different Abraham spellings اِبْرَاهِيم and اِبْرَاهٖم?
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Salam guys,
I heard something like fish meat is more tender and easier to digest then land meat. This means that eating fish meat gives energy faster to the body. Now when you are doing hajj, you need a lot of energy. So you need energy to get to you fast, which means fish meat is a better choice than land meat. Now in the Quran 5:96, Allah prohibited land hunting for people doing hajj:

"It is lawful for you to hunt and eat seafood, as a provision for you and for travellers. But hunting on land is forbidden to you while on pilgrimage. Be mindful of Allah to Whom you all will be gathered."

(The Glorious Quran 5:96)

So as you can see, land animals may be forbidden on pilgrimage because you need a fast source of energy while walking, not a slow one like land meat.

The problem is I could not find any good website that says fish gives energy to the body faster than land animal meat. That's why I called it a "possible miracle" because you can try to find articles in your free time that say fish meat gives energy to the body faster than land meat. If you can't find any articles, then this is not a miracle, but simply a ruling.

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