Author Topic: Human Cloning: Satan's final battle with Allah Almighty PROPHESIED in the Quran!  (Read 7047 times)

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As'salamu Alaikum Everyone,

Do you know what satan's "best hit" will be to GOD Almighty? You can't even touch GOD Almighty. If you were to declare war on GOD Almighty, then you would have no power or means to strike GOD Almighty, directly. So how will satan strike GOD Almighty after he was kicked out of the Presense of Allah Almighty and Heaven? Satan will command/entice mankind to ALTER THE CREATION OF ALLAH ALMIGHTY FROM ITS FUNDAMENTALS as a response to Allah Almighty's pride towards us being this new and awsome creation that all the Beings of Heaven had to bow down to.

Satan also told Allah Almighty that they (us humans) were created from mud, and stinky material, while he was created from much greater material. So becasue satan was doomed because of us, his ultimate response to Allah Almighty is to make a mockery out of Allah Almighty's *special* creation that He, the Almighty, had all the Beings bow down to.


[004:119] `And assuredly I will lead them astray and assuredly I will arouse in them vain desires, and assuredly I will incite them and they will cut the ears of cattle; and assuredly I will incite them and they will alter ALLAH's creation.' And whoever takes Satan for a friend instead of ALLAH, he certainly suffers a manifest loss.

It is an indisputable fact that cloning started by taking ear cells from the ears.  It also started with a cattle; a sheep. The ear is still the preferred and best part of the body to take somatic cells from. Read what the Western Scientists said about this at:

The Holy Quran is warning all of mankind about the reality of the Lifeafter and the doom of Hell.  It is all real.  The Holy Quran is the Divine Truth! Embrace Islam my brothers and sisters in humanity and in GOD's Creation.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

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Yes, my brother, humanity comes with this. It is strictly forbidden to clone people but surely there will be ones who will do it. Organ transplantation sounds an option, that's why they so likely forbade it.


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