Author Topic: WHO ACTUALLY ARE YA'JOOJ AND MA'JOOJ?  (Read 3619 times)

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« on: October 19, 2016, 04:40:16 AM »
As salamu 'alaikum my most beloved and respected fellow muslims.
I'm back after a really long hiatus, as I was busy with my A Level studies and various exams. My 1st, and for along time the only, post was "ISLAM ALLOWS AMULETS CONTAINING QUR'ANIC VERSES, SURAHS AND/OR SPECIFIC DUAS?"
Well now I'm researching on ya'jooj and ma'jooj, and I'd extremely appreciate it if you guys could provide me with all original arabic ahadeeth (both reliable & unreliable, strong & weak) mentioning them, word-for-word translations of these ahadeeth, and also commentaries on them and their explanations by the companions of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and also by other well-known, knowledgeable and trusted scholars, both medieval and contemporary.
In particular I'd like to know whether they're humans, and their physical appearance (I've read on some sites that according to narration(s) they're descendants of Japheth, son of Nuh (peace be upon him). And I most eagerly welcome your personal opinions, preferably backed by scientific and religious sources, in this regard.
Thanks a lot for all your hard work, or at least for reading this!


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