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A Question as My First Post, and A Thank You
« on: January 10, 2017, 02:43:23 PM »
Dear Answering Christianity Community,

I had messaged this request to the Facebook group, "Muslims Against ISIS, and they responded that they would get information to me, which they have not had a chance to do yet but I expecrt will do so. I also wanted to come here and ask all of you who are able to respond.

Dear Muslims Against Isis,

I recently shared one of your links, specifically about the Jews United Against Zionism, on my Facebook page. One of my friends responded, and the discussion quickly turned heated. In particular, he posted an article from the New Republic:

I was researching in answer to this and found two websites


Neither, however is sufficient for explaining the Hindu Genocide the Federalist papers and American Thinker article accuses you, as Islam, of as well as the accusations by John Allehem Guzeman (spelling correction needed) of your supposed extensive slave trade, which he calls one of the worst events in history.

If you think you can add anything to the discussion, you know have my Facebook page. I am not asking you, however, to come to my defense unless you personally think it would be the right thing to do and a good use of your time.

Otherwise, I was wondering what perspective you could give me on these articles by the Federalist Papers and if you could explain whether you think these are false or misleading allegations, in what way you think they are false, in what way you view the historiography of this article and what are your takes on the try history of these events, using sources if you have the time.

Thank you for considering my ideas.

First of all, I realize how hateful that link may be to all of you. Please know that O did not Come here to fight or bicker. I believe in the Palestinian cause, especially since many of those folks are semitic, regardless of whether Islam or Judaism is their religion, but especially because it was and remains not right for them to have their homes destroyed and for them to be ethnically cleanses for the Sake of a State which representa, in my opinion and that of many Jewish people, the worst and not the Beat in Judaism.

Second of all, I am not Muslim. I respect the Quran, as I respect Tue Biboex and I interpret them both metaphysically, particularly n the case of the Quran, through the Exposition of the Holy Quran created amd expounded by GA Parwez. I apologize if this offends you, and ask your forgiveness and difference as fundamentalist views of the Bible have harmed Mex and thus I tend to look for Metaphysical interpretations when I look at Biblical and other texts. For the Bible I mainly use the resources of the Truth Unity Group as well as the Work of Dr. Joseph Murphy D.D. PhD., Mary Baler Eddy, Joseph Smith, the late Acharya S., the late Ferrill Till, and Gnostic Works.

Thank you for allowing me to be here and to present my questions. Thank you for not banning me immediately for not posting such an angry acusatory article, and thank you for the work of your website and community you have set up here for beings who ask questions.

Love to All,

Heero Yuy


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