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Astronomy - Alien life forms

We sent down Iron …"

Surah Al-Hadid Surah 57 Ayah 25 "

He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days and His seat (Arsh) was over the Waters…"

Surah Hud 11 Ayah 7

"… His throne (Kursi) doth extend over the heavens and the earth…"

Surah Al-Baqara 2 Ayah 255

The Periodic Table of Elements

Iron is a heavy element, a transition metal and stands in the middle of the periodic table of elements. This table was proposed by the Russian scientist Dimitry Mendeleyev by the middle of the 19th century and it classifies the elements according to their chemical properties in rows and columns. In this table iron (chemical symbol Fe) has been classified as the 26th element with an atomic weight that varies between 55,8 and 57.

If this compared with the positioning of the verse above and the number of the Surah, it is obvious that there is a special match between the number of the Surah and the atomic weight of iron as well as the number of the Ayah that iron is mentioned in and the number of the element iron. And because the first verse of every Surah is "bismillah hirrahmaan nirraheem", "in the name of Allah most gracious, most merciful" and is not counted as an independent verse, it can be added. The word iron is then in verse 26 of the Surah 57.

The main compound of water is hydrogen, the original and basic element, which is the lightest of all and the most abundant in the universe. It consists of 1 proton and neutron in the nucleus and 1 electron in the shell and in the nuclear fusion taking place in the supernovae (see Universe & Life, Elements), hydrogen and helium, which is produced directly out of it, are fused to heavier elements. So hydrogen "does extend over the heavens and the earth", as stated in S 2:A55 and it is the throne of the creator, meaning he has created all matter out of it. On the other hand the mere seat (arsh in comparison to kursi) is the water, the origin of life. As the creation of the heavens and the earth is mentioned as a more complex act than the creation of life and human beings, it can be associated to the throne rather than the mere seat, which is on water.

Since water is abundant in the universe and it is the source of (carbon based) life, furthermore it is mentioned in the Quran that there are many beings between the heavens and the Earth who praise Allah, it is clear that there must be other intelligent life in the universe.

The picture above shows: THE PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS, The latest element discovered by scientists in 1999 is a radioactive element which exists for tiny fractions of seconds and has the atomic weight of 114, exactly the total number of Surahs in the Quran. It is unlikely that any new element will be discovered, because the search has been going on for decades and the methods have not improved or changed for a long time. In this respect, the structure of the Quran is a reflection of the elementary creation of the universe. The book of nature and the book of revelation harmonise as they have the same origin, the Almighty Creator.


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