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The Brain and Heart Miracle in the Noble Quran Confirmed by Science:


Assalamu Alaikum again brother,
Regarding the miracle of the forelock that controlls our movements, i found another Ayah from the Quraan wich speaks about the forelock
Yusuf Ali:
[011:056]  "I put my trust in God, My Lord and your Lord! There is not a moving creature, but He hath grasp of its fore-lock. Verily, it is my Lord that is on a straight Path.
And i also found this:
Physique Of The Human Brain In The Light Of The Holy Quraan

By : Dr. Hussein Rudwan Al-Lubaidy (1)

Is the anatomical and functional physique for the upper zones of the human brain was a known thing during the messenger life (PBUH)?

Is the physique, as well as, the commanding zones of the brain like those of the hearing, sight and sentiments, and the preference zone that chooses between alternative options  were precisely and comprehensively known things after more than one thousand years following the messenger death (PBUH)?

The certain answer is: NO, the whole world was not aware of anything about the integral and refined physique of the human brain. The world started recently to know the hearing, sight, sentiments and the preference zones in the human brain. This occurred within more than one thousand years following death of the messenger (PBUH).

The last question will be: What would be the comments of the international intellectual mind if he discovers a comprehensive map for the anatomical & functional physique of the upper commanding zones in the human brain as stated by the Holy Quraan?

No doubt the logical answer : This will be a scientific proof on credibility of the messenger (PBUH) and his message, and would be a proof of certainty that the Noble Quraan is the only eternal & remaining miracle being sustained  in order to be followed by all Mankind, and to be a constitution for those who wish to follow the righteous Way.

Let us then discover secrets of the human brain (the source of civilization & the discretion organ). Let us trace a map for the supreme mental commanding zones of the brain through patient study of the verses which pertain to the hearing, sight & hear in the Noble Quraan (the eternal miracle).

Through different eras the Quraan interpreters have noticed the following:

1-The mention of the (hearing sense) precedes the (sight sense) in the holy Quran.

{And he gave you hearing, sights, and hearts that you might give thanks(to Allah} (An-Nahl 78)

{And indeed We had firmly established them with that wherewith We have not established you (O Quraish)! And We had assigned them the (faculties of) hearing, sights, and hearts; but neither their hearing, nor their sights, nor their hearts availed them aught, since they used to deny the Miracles of Allah, and they were completely encircled by that which they used to mock at!} (Al-Ahqaf 26)

2-The word hearing comes in the singular form while the word sight comes in the plural form.

3-The word Heart  always comes after the word ( hearing) and the word ( sight ).

{It is He Who has created for you hearing, sights and hearts. Little thanks you give} (Al-MumĒminun78)

4-The word (dumb) comes between the word (deaf) and the word (blind).

 {deaf, dumb, and blind they will not return} (Al-Baqara 18)

The interpreters of the Holy Quraan gave their (independent reasoning) in this respect and said:

The precedence or priority of the hearing over the sight is due to the nobility / high rank of the hearing or the ear. The ear hears from all sides and it is the perception tool for the Revelation, and the sleeping person could be awakens by it.

Al-Qurtubi interpretation sets out that:

Most philosophers mentioned the precedence of the sight over the hearing because the hearing can only perceives the voices & the talk, while the sight perceives the bodies as well as colors & all shapes.

Al-Alusi states in his interpretation that:

Verily, all the senses are of importance if being in their usual order. He who lost one sense is deemed in lack of one perception, and to favor some senses than others is a mere nonsense.

Hence the idea of giving precedence to the hearing over the sight, because of the hearing nobility / high rank, is wrongful or groundless but nevertheless it had no substitute.

Then the surprise came to direct all attention to the amazing secret behind

giving precedence to the hearing over the sight. These are the verses that

mention the (eye) and the (ear). In these verses we notice that the (eye) precedes the (ear) which is the reverse situation compared to the hearing & the sight.

Surat Al-Araf {v.179} states:

{And surely, We have created many of the jinn and mankind for Hell. They have hearts wherewith they understand not, and they have eyes wherewith they see not, and they have ears wherewith they hear not (the truth)Ö}

Verse {195} of Al-Araf states:

{Have they legs wherewith they walk? Or have they hands wherewith they

hold? Or have they eyes wherewith they see? Or have they ears wherewith they hear}

Surat Al-Maidah in verse {45} states: -

{And We ordained therein for them: life for life, eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear..}

If the hearing precedes over the sight in the former verses, then the eye precedes over the ear in the latter verses. Hence if the precedence is due to nobility / high rank, the ear should preceded over the eye as the hearing preceded the sight because the ear is the hearing tool while the eye is the vision tool.

Therefore, the issue is not one of nobility / high rank of an organ over another one but something else, a scientific miracle by all measures. Scientists have found Hearing Centers inside the human brain, which perceive the audibles & give them reason. They found centers for the vision inside the human brain, which perceive the visible things & give them reason. They found that the tool of the Hearing Center is the ear, which brings the voices, while the tool of the Vision Center is the eye, which brings the images.   

Though the eye precedes the ear in Manís head but anatomically the Hearing Center precedes the Vision Center inside Manís brain.

Here, the undoubtful miracle appears. The words hearing & sight in the Quranic verses come according to the locational order for the hearing and vision Centers inside Manís brain. But Man in addition to being endowed with ear & eyesight has the ability to produce refined human eloquence.

The Brain scientists have found a zone located between the Hearing Center in the front and the Vision Center at the rear which is called Fornix. When the Hearing Center meets the Vision Center the in-between zone comprises the production place for the human eloquence.

The Quranic verse we already mentioned {deaf, dumb, and blind}refers in dazzling inimitability to the eloquence zone in the human brain. The word {dumb} which is situated between {deaf} at the beginning &{blind} at the end refers to the eloquence zone in the brain which is situated in the brain between the Hearing Center in the front and the Vision Center in the rear.

 If the deafness is deemed as the hearing inactivation and if the blindness is the sight inactivation, the dumbness is therefore an inactivation of the eloquence.

And because those who are described as {deaf, dumb and blind} are the atheists who enjoy good hearing and sharp sight and eloquent tongue, the   {deafness}here means inactivation of the hearing perception and {blindness}means inactivation of the sight perception, while {dumbness}becomes a mental defect pertaining to the perception of eloquence.

Verse no.76 of Surat Al-Nahl gave support in that respect:-

{And Allah puts forward an example of two men, one of them is dumb, who has no power over any thing (disbeliever), and he is a burden on his master; whichever way he directs him, he brings no good. Is such a man equal to one (believer in the Islamic Monotheism) who command justice, and is himself on the Straight Path}

Then in this case itís as if the word{dumb}refers to the eloquence zone which is located in-between the Hearing Center and the Vision Center inside the brain.

And consequently, the meaning of the word {dumb}and its usages in the Holy Quran refers to the function of the Eloquence Center inside the human brain.

Let us stop here to draw and specify the zones mentioned in the verses pertaining to the hearing, sight and eloquence & then raise a query: Are the Upper mental zones inside Manís brain are only restricted to the hearing, sight, eloquence & their related memory?

Scientists have found that main eloquence zone is located in-between the Hearing Center and the Vision Center inside the brain.

My answer is :No, the brain contains in it's depth other zones having relation with sentiments and sensations... Inside these zones Manís brain switches from computer machine with a memory to a greater meaning in which the computing brain with its memory unites with the sentiment. It hears & understands what it hears & acts in return. It sees & understands what it sees & acts in return. Through that action the hearing and the sight are directed. This greater meaning does not exist in the advanced machines that are supported with high potentials of input & output. Whatever those machines are sophisticated it remain an inanimate bodies devoid of the passion and sentimental responses.

Is it possible to determine location and function of the sensations and sentimentsí zones through verses of the miraculous Holy Quran?

The answer is: Yes, this is possible. But how?

By Careful study of the verses in which the word Fouad (heart) is mentioned will reveals the following remarks: -

1- The word Fouad (heart) is constantly placed in the Quran after the word (hearing) and the word (sight).

2- The word Fouad (heart) comes in the plural form (i.e.Afeida) like the (sight).

{ÖAnd He gave you hearing, sights, and Afeida (hearts) that you might give thanks to Allah}

3- The word Al-Fouad (heart) comes in meanings such as the sentiments, instincts and sensations.

{So fill some Afeida (hearts) among men with love towards them} Sentiments

{And so We have appointed for every prophet enemies--- Shayatin (devils) among mankind and jinn, inspiring one another with adorned speech as a delusion} up to the verse in which Allah says{(And this is in this order) that the Afeida (Hearts) of those who disbelieve in the Hereafter may incline to such (deceit)} Instincts

{The fire of Allah kindled which leap up over the Afeida(hearts)}Sensations

While the heart comes in comprehensive meanings which include the mind and the sentiment.

{Have they not traveled through the land, and have they hearts wherewith to understand ?}

4- Identification of the heart on one part and the Fouad on the other!

{And the Fouad of the mother of Moses became empty (from every thought, except the thought of Moses. She was very near to disclose his, had We not strengthened her heart (with faith).}

Also in the messenger sayings (PBUH):-

(Yemenís people are of soft hearts & of mild Afeida).

(Allah would make your heart fearless and would lead your Fouad)

scientists found that there is a center for emotions and instincts in the middle of the brain

These obvious remarks make an identification between the heart on one part & the Fouad on the other. It makes the (Fouad) organically connected to the hearing and to the vision and has connection with sensations, sentiments and instincts. If the hearing refers to the Hearing Center where the audibles are perceived and given reason, and if the vision refers to the Vision Center where the visible things are perceived. Hence the (Fouad) which is organically connected to the hearing and the vision should be referring to the sensations & sentimentís zone. But, is it possible to identify the Fouadís location as being the brainís heart through the Quran verses?

The answer is:Yes, due to existence of the Fouad in a fixed place after the vision, and not after the Vision Center at the rear. This requires us to take the direction towards the brain depth whereas scientists have discovered the sensations & sentimentsís zones. But the question arises: Are the sensations and the passion therein is deemed a human merit?

The answer is: No, because the heart has sensational feelings and it reacts towards its feelings.

Hence, the question arises: What is the higher human value, which makes the human beingeligiblefor discretion & commandment?

The answer is: It is the discretionary power which enable it to choose between alternative options.

Is there any place inside the humanís brain in which this higher human value occurs?

The answer is: Yes, it is the front of the forehead lobe in Manís brain and recently the scientists discovered its connection with the faculty that chooses between alternative options & with the higher mental connections.

Is there any reference in the Quran to the location and function of the frontal lobe?

The answer is:Yes, but how?

By studying of the following verses:

{ÖThere is not a moving (living) creature but He has the grasp of its forelock} Surat HUD.

In Sutra Al-ĎAlaq:

{Have you seen him who prevents * A slave when he prays * have you considered if he were on right way * Or enjoins piety * Have you considered if he gives the lie to the truth and turns (his) back ? * Does he not know that Allah does see? * Nay! If he ceases not, We will Catch him by forelock * A lying sinful forelock ! }

The forelock in the language & interpretation means the forehead at the hairís nodes or the front zone.

The first verse of (Surat Hud) determines that the forelock is the higher control and command place for the human being. The second verse of (Surat Alí-Alaq) explains that the forelock is the place for the faculty that chooses between alternative options.

Finally:We can draw three-dimensional image for the brain and specify thereon location and function of the hearing, vision, sentiment and forelockís Centers as clarified by the following drawing.

The three-dimensional image for the human brain is revealed by verses of the sole remaining miracle (the Holy Quran) as follow :

1- When the word ( eye ) comes along with the word ( ear ) in one verse, the eye precedes the ear in the words order.

The eye is located also in the front of Manís head while the ear follows it at the rear of Manís head.

2-The words order for the hearing & the sight in all verses of the Quran is identical to the locational order for the Hearing and Visionís Center inside the human brain.

Therefore the hearing precedes the sight in the holy Quran and, the Hearing Centers are located in front of the Vision Centers inside the human brain.

3-The word Al-Fouad takes a fixed order after the words ( hearing) and ( sight) in all verses of the holy Quran. In Arabic language it has the meaning of glow and it also called Al-Qalib ( the heart).

Scientists have found centers for the sentiments & instincts which are located in the brainís depth.

4-The word ( dumb) always comes in order between the words ( deaf & blind ) in all verses of the Quran.

The scientists have found a main Eloquence Center located inside the human brain between the Hearing Center & the Vision Center.






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