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Several EARLY imams said the earth is spherical through Noble Verse 79:30:


Assalamu Alaikum bro, check this out!
Many Muslim scholars / imams / sheikhs pointed to the Sphericity of the earth from what they had understood from The Holy Quran such as:
Muslim scholars (Imam) pointed to this reality a long time ago, as Imam”Ibn Alkim Al Gozia" pointed in his book "Al Tibian fy aksam alquran" or the clarification of the chapters of the Holy Quran pointed to the Sphericity of the earth,
also Imam "Fakr Al Razi" pointed to the Sphericity of the earth in his clarifying book "Mafatih Alkaib" or the keys of the unknown saying: " the spread out of the earth is extending it to where we can't approach its end, and God made the earth's mass great so the eyesight can't reach its end, and if the sphere was very big each part of it is seen as an extended straight surface".

And to that also pointed Sheik Al-Islam "Ibn Tayymiah" in his book "the right answer to whom changed the religion of Jesus" he said: “know that they have agreed on that the earth is spherically  shaped and there is nothing under its surface except its middle and the end of beneath is the center which is called the area of heaviness.

Its quite amazing that the early imams saw the vers "Spread out the earth" explaining a spherical earth where there is no ending when you walk!

Muslim astronomers made numerous improvements upon Ptolemy's findings as early as the 9th century. They were the first astronomers to dispute his archaic ideas. In their critic of the Greeks, they synthesized proof that the sun is the center of the solar system and that the orbits of the earth and other planets might be elliptical. They produced hundreds of highly accurate astronomical tables and star charts. Many of their calculations are so precise that they are regarded as contemporary. The AlphonsineTables are little more than copies of works on astronomy transmitted to Europe via Islamic Spain, i.e. the Toledo Tables.

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