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Crucification in OT
« on: June 23, 2018, 12:51:11 PM »
Did Zachariah 11:4-17 and Isaiah 50:6 proves that Jesus was crucified???

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Re: Crucification in OT
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2018, 02:54:36 PM »
As'salamu Alaikum,

Let us look at the verses in question:

Zechariah 11:4-17 (CEV)
Worthless Shepherds
4 The Lord my God said to me:
Tend those sheep doomed for slaughter! 
5 The people who buy and butcher them go unpunished, while everyone who sells them says, “Praise the Lord! I’m rich.” Not even their shepherds have pity on them.
6 Tend those sheep because I, the Lord, will no longer have pity on the people of this earth. I’ll turn neighbor against neighbor and make them slaves of a king. They will bring disaster on the earth, and I’ll do nothing to rescue any of them.
7 So I became a shepherd of those sheep doomed to be slaughtered by the sheep dealers. And I gave names to the two sticks I used for tending the sheep: One of them was named “Mercy” and the other “Unity.” 
8 In less than a month, I became impatient with three shepherds who didn’t like me, and I got rid of them. 
9 Then I said, “I refuse to be your shepherd. Let the sheep that are going to die, go on and die, and those that are going to be destroyed, go on and be destroyed. Then let the others eat one another alive.”
10 On that same day, I broke the stick named “Mercy” to show that the Lord had canceled his agreement with all people. 
11 The sheep dealers who saw me knew right away that this was a message from the Lord. 
12-13 I told them, “Pay me my wages, if you think you should; otherwise, forget it.” So they handed me my wages, a measly thirty pieces of silver.

Then the Lord said, “Throw the money into the treasury.” So I threw the money into the treasury at the Lord’s temple.  14 Then I broke the stick named “Unity” and canceled the ties between Judah and Israel.

15 Next, the Lord said to me, “Act like a shepherd again—this time a worthless shepherd
16 Once more I am going to let a worthless nobody rule the land—one who won’t care for the strays or search for the young or heal the sick or feed the healthy. He will just dine on the fattest sheep, leaving nothing but a few bones.”
17 You worthless shepherd, deserting the sheep!  I hope a sword will cripple your arm and blind your right eye.

So Prophet Zechariah receives a vision about evil shepherds.  And one of them is supposed to be Jesus Christ?

Isaiah 50
6  I let them beat my back and pull out my beard.  I didn’t turn aside when they insulted me and spit in my face.
But the Lord God keeps me from being disgraced.  So I refuse to give up, because I know God will never let me down.
My protector is nearby; no one can stand here to accuse me of wrong.
9  The Lord God will help me and prove I am innocent. My accusers will wear out like moth-eaten clothes.

If anything, these verses along with the many in the links below prove that crucifixion is a lie and trinity is garbage. 

1-  Why the so much text about GOD saving Jesus?  Isn't Jesus our Creator??

2-  How would Jesus die on the cross if the Bible THOROUGHLY speaks about GOD Almighty will protect Jesus?

Again, see the links below for ample passages and proofs.

Religions of Conclusions:

Beliefs that are entirely based on "we can only conclude...." are false.

1-  Atheists use their pathetic and laughable finite-earthly logic to conclude that GOD Almighty, the INFINITE, does not exist.  Yet, they can't explain simple things like:

a.  How can liquid water form from air (Oxygen and Hydrogen)?  Out of "nothing" comes materialized liquid.

b.  How did creation begin?  They claim we came from animals.  But how did animals come into existence?  Which came first, the egg or the chicken?  How did animals and humans multiply?  According to Islam, man multiplied through cloning from Adam's back:

c.  How and when time and infinity began?

d.  Our bodies are 100% made up of earthly materials.  Yet, they procreate and produce new life.  How did all of that come about?

They have no answers, and so therefore GOD does not exist?  The reader can also visit:  (The Glorious Quran's STUNNING Numerical and Scientific Miracles).

2-  Christians use their laughable interpretations of their already-corrupt scriptures to conclude that Jesus is our Creator.

Such "we can only conclude" religions and others like them are ludicrous.  I tell the infidels this:  You don't have to use your ass to conclude anything, especially when it comes to the pillars and the fundamentals of your false religion.  If your scriptures don't thoroughly and clearly spell it out for you, then don't try to pull it out of your ass.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah


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