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No more truthabouthinduism
« on: May 24, 2018, 01:02:16 PM »
@osama abdallah @quransearchcom
This is the Facebook post of brother Sulaiman razvi, blogger at
will answering Christianity let him write on this site?
otherwise, Sulaiman razvi's research would be lost.  :'(

Assalam alaikum everyone.
 I have deleted my blog and started a new one. I was observing from past few weeks that Lindus were planning to lodge FIR against me. I am not scared of facing police complaints, I would have continued using the same domain but due to lack of followers on social media and lack of traffic on my blog I didn't find it appropriate to continue using the blog. It was distressing to see that useless people have thousands and lakhs of followers on FB but I being the only person in whole world actively exposing Linduism and Lindus on internet doesn't even have 100 followers.

Day and night I worked hard on that blog so I couldn't just let it go. I don't put the blame of deletion of my blog on Lindus but I blame Muslims for this. If one voice is raised against oppression then it is suppressed but if there are many voices raised against oppression then no harm can touch them and that's what happened with me. I am targeted because I am the only person active in this field, had there been more persons engaged in this then they wouldn't have dared to confront us. I have nothing personal against Lindus, never I have faced any discrimination due to religion, the purpose I started this blog is to counter their Islamophobia. Just look at the sorry state of Indian Muslims, Lindus disrespects holy prophet on national television and if someone merely speaks about their fictional characters then they either silence them by shooting them down or by harassing them with complaints. Muslims are supposed to love holy prophet more than their own family, would you be quite if someone abuses your family members everyday? Then what makes you so quite on Lindus disrespecting Islam everyday? I have never supported violence and I never will, what I am telling you is that you must raise your voice against oppression mostly through writings. It's a myth that Lindus are secular, had they being secular then a right wing party wouldn't have won every election besides their terrorist organisations having 5 millions members each.

Here's the backup of my blog,

I request all of my Bangladeshi, Pakistani and other Non Indian friends to download the backup of my blog and make few other blogs and websites on the same topic but please don't forget to mention the names of authors, it's not about ego, no author is recompensed if you mention their names, by mentioning their names you are appreciating their hard word. Though I have added all articles to this blog but images are missing which inshallah I will add within 1 week.

I had a lot to say to you all, I tried my level best on FB but unfortunately it didn’t work, my FB posts failed to get the attention. So this is one of my last posts.

It’s my humble request to you all that please do spread this blog and share it with all your friends.


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Re: No more truthabouthinduism
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2018, 10:33:18 AM »
Brother osama plz respond

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Re: No more truthabouthinduism
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2018, 03:31:29 PM »
As'salamu Alaikum,

Jazaka Allah Khayr for mentioning this post, brother Defender.  I missed this one.  All brothers and sisters are welcomed to post all Islamic materials on this blog.  No need to seek my permission.

Sorry brother Mahir.  I didn't see this post.  May Allah Almighty bless you for your efforts.  Ameen.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah


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