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Karim's Articles:


  1. Jihad Renegotiated.doc
  2. Jihad_-_a_war_against_all_Non-Muslims_or_not.pdf
  3. Jihad_in_the_modern_world.pdf
  4. Jihad_is_not_perpetual_warfare.pdf
  5. Misunderstood narrations about Jihad Explained.pdf
  6. Peace_and_the_Limits_of_War.pdf
  7. Refutation of Imam Sumadra's justification for the Bali bombing.pdf
  8. Uses_and_Abuses_of_Jihad_in_Islam.pdf
  9. War and peace in the Quran.doc

Non-Muslims in Islam:

  1. Does Islam Forbid Befriending Non-Muslims.pdf
  2. Friendship with Non-Muslims.pdf
  3. Greeting_non-Muslims.pdf
  4. Salam is a greeting for Non-Muslims.pdf

The pact of Umar discussed:

  1. A critical study of the Pact of Umar.pdf
  2. Comments on the Pact of Umar.pdf
  3. Professor Thomas Arnold on the Pact of Umar.pdf
  4. Umars Assurance of Safety to the People of Aelia.pdf




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