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This apology article was written in June 15, 2009.  Also, see the following entry in the What's New log:

  • 06/15/2009-  I voluntarily issue a public apology to brother Jalal Abualrub  for being very mean and harsh to him, and for falsely lying on him and charging him of threatening me when he did not.

    I voluntarily issue a public apology to brother Jalal Abualrub for lying on him:

    Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

    I would like to first greet you all with our traditional Islamic Greeting:  As'salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh (may Allah Almighty's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon you) and also be upon your families as well.

    I first want you to know that I am not under any pressure of any sort to write this open and public apology to brother Jalal Abualrub.  For those of you who have seen the hostile history between me and some Salafies, they would've probably seen my hostile history with brother Jalal Abualrub back in June of 2009 and months before.  The reason why I am stepping forward and admit my fault because it was bothering me a lot and especially during my Prayers when I am standing before Allah Almighty and Prostrating to Him.  I could not face Allah Almighty with a straight face and consciousness knowing that I have this lie out there and continuing to cover it up.

    Ever since I have established my web site back in 9/21/1998, I've been teaching myself from the absolute bottom and from scratch about both Islam and the Bible.  I virtually had little-to-no knowledge about both Islam and the Bible, and I brought myself up by constantly reading and learning.  The problem with this is that I found myself in bitter clashes on many occasions with different religious groups from all sides who thought that I was going after their theology, while in reality I was only learning and discovering the Truth.

    Brother Jalal and I have crossed paths in the past, and like before, I have offended him with my lack of knowledge on some areas in Islam which caused for a bitter online clash to take place between us.  I am sure both of us learned quite a lot from this.  I myself have learned a lot and grew a lot from it.  However, I did make a big moral-mistake towards brother Jalal.  I have lied on him!  I have accused him of threatening me when he never did.  I also have fabricated the email about me deserving to get shot.  I did it intentionally and knowingly.  I sincerely apologize to brother Jalal for it.  It's been bothering me a lot for the past several months to a point where it would come hard to me during my Prayers and Supplications to Allah Almighty, and also during the times of when I be honest and tell the Truth.  It bothered me so much and too much that I had to finally step up to brother Jalal and tell him directly of it.  The more I grow and mature, the more I realize how foolish and ridiculous I many was in the past.  Brother Jalal is an honorable and peaceful man, and doesn't deserve the harshness and ugliness that I gave him.  Please rest assured that I would never do this foolish act again.  I hope that the proof is in this open letter, brothers and sisters in Islam.  I honestly voluntarily came to brother Jalal and told him.  I had no worldly pressure to do so other than my consciousness that was stinging me every time I tried to face Allah Almighty with a true face!  I could not face Allah Almighty while continuing sleep with this lie.  I had to come clean and face my evil actions.  I ask Allah Almighty to forgive me.  And I also ask brother Jalal to forgive me as well, and I am sorry for him and I am ready to take full responsibility for it.

    Take care and thank you for reading.

    May Allah Almighty Bless all Believers.  Ameen.

    Your brother in Islam,
    Osama Abdallah

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