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Answering Islam’s Desperate Attempts

By Abdullah Kareem


[Part I] [Part II] [Part III] [Part IV]



Does Mr. Smith want to say that all his articles were not supposed to be taken seriously because they were merely tests? Tests of whom or what and for what reason? Note that this was not a private test in a controlled environment. Does Mr. Smith consider it ethical to mislead hundreds or even thousands of readers by using deliberate lies, simply to test one person?


The credibility of my writings are backed up and supported by strong evidence of liberal (yes liberal) scholars. I frequently quote from liberal Christian scholars because the mainstream fools are too arrogant to confess the fraudulence of Christianity. Regardless of whether I was testing Shamoun on purpose, or accidently misquoted the text and later announced I was “testing” him is completely irrelevant, because we don’t have time for this nonsense. We are doing a good job defending our faith (Islam) and destroying your false religion. It doesn’t matter if Shamoun realized I was testing him, because the truth is conspicuous to the human eye, the truth is obvious for anyone to see.

How do we know your articles are not tests? You are testing Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") by deliberately misquoting our Islamic holy texts and seriously misinterpreting the Holy Quran to fulfill the desires of your wicked hearts. And it doesn’t matter whether your take our writings seriously, we are zealous for the Love of Truth, and we shall never surrender to the falsehood of Christianity.

The Holy Quran speaks to you, but you never hearken:

And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed from time to time to Our servant, then produce a Sura like thereunto; and call your witnesses or helpers (If there are any) besides Allah, if your (doubts) are true. But if ye cannot- and of a surety ye cannot- then fear the Fire whose fuel is men and stones,- which is prepared for those who reject Faith. (Al-Quran 2:23-24)

The parable of those who reject Faith is as if one were to shout Like a goat-herd, to things that listen to nothing but calls and cries: Deaf, dumb, and blind, they are void of wisdom. (Al-Quran 2:171)



Actually, I wonder whether the "test" hypothesis holds only for the articles written by Smith, or whether answering-christianity.com in its entirety is only a test run, and nothing published on that site was ever meant to be taken seriously.


You ignorant fool, why are you taking my writings and comparing it with others? Each author is distinguished from the other; he relays his own knowledge of established facts. I recommend that you read my serious articles that destroy your faith. Don’t take my word for it, I challenged you to refute my article Did Jesus Have Female Breasts, and you responded like the Infidel you are. I recommend my rebuttal to your lame response.


It may be an interesting research project to pursue this question: How many of the articles of answering-christianity.com have stood this test and are now published elsewhere on serious Islamic websites? What is their total number, and what is the percentage of articles which passed the test? Obviously, we can only count those articles which were originally published on this site, not those that were first published elsewhere but which Osama Abdallah merely copied to his test site to make it appear bigger and more important than it is, and to camouflage the fact that he is only running a test site.


We are obliged to ask the same question, how many Christian websites link to your pathetic articles?  Very few, the majority of Church websites do not. It is obvious that Christian readers do not take the writings of “Answering Islam” seriously. The character of Shamoun has been exposed on our website, so Christians obviously will never take him seriously. Our articles are legitimate, we promise to annihilate your website for attacking Islam and takings its great contributions for granted.

Answering Christianity is targeting your false religion and exposing the distortions of Islam on your site. The infidel Shamoun has even confessed that Answering Christianity is growing in popularity for defending Truth.

The reason we even bother interacting with these materials is because of how popular Osama’s site has become with Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more").  (*)

In reality, the “Christians” don’t take your website seriously. The “Answering Islam” website distorts the Islamic texts and forges their own interpretations.

In addition, Evangelicals, true experts at corrupting their own religious texts, use their deranged understanding of the Quran and interpret it as they wish.  They then post their ‘findings’ on the Internet or in published books, or broadcast them through the Media that, even if claimed to be secular, directs most of its attack and criticism at one particular religion: Islam. [1]

There is nothing in the Quran that is remotely similar to the example from the Bible given here.  The Evangelicals know this.  This is why they bring Quranic Texts that are not in conflict with each other and intentionally provide their own interpretation on them, making them appear to be in conflict with each other and thus attribute contradiction to the Quran.  The contradiction is not in the Quranic Texts, but in the faulty interpretation of them given by non-Muslims who mainly rely on hatred of Islam [2]

Furthermore, the Christians don’t like “answering islam” except those Satan worshippers who call themselves “Christians”. Here is the email sent by brother Umar to Shamoun:

Wed, 3 May 2006 16:16:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Umar Bin Nasir Mirza" <islamttd786@yahoo.com> 
To: "sam shamoun" <sam_shmn40@hotmail.com>, islam_defender@hotmail.com, jokatz@gmx.de, quransearch_com@yahoo.com, -A Muslim@hotmail.com, b_zawadi@hotmail.com, just_flow11@hotmail.com, islamttd786@yahoo.com, Munir0728@yahoo.com

Assalamu Alaikum,

Hey Mr. "Missionary" Shamoun, apparently your not really popular with your christian crowd.

When I posted these 2 links>> https://www.answering-christianity.com/muslim1/examining_sam_shamoun_4.htm

Here is what one Christian said after reading it:

evanslablah: all that's crazy
evanslablah: i was reading them but couldn't continue
evanslablah: i don't think that guy's a missionary. it's only his claim but he's not one
evanslablah: i asure you that wht he's doing is not christian. he's only satisfying his personal ego


Please tell us, on which site you are going to publish your real articles, those that will destroy us, so that we are not going to waste our time with more unsubstantiated arguments that are just being published to test various people.

Secondly, for argument's sake, let's assume that Mr. Smith misquoted James White deliberately (that is not difficult to believe), and that he did so only for the purpose of testing the writers of Answering Islam (not so credible), and his response email was therefore simply his peculiar way of congratulating us for passing his test. What are the implications of such an assumption?


It is obvious that Infidels such as Jochen Katz do not understand the word ‘challenge’. My articles are not merely tests, but open challenges against your false religion. So far you have provided no explanation (to my challenge) or any evidence that disproves the sun-god myth of Christianity. Personally, the website “answering islam” are merely tests (challenges) for Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") to expect them to waste time replying to such nonsense (we are destroying you anyways). Hence, we have successfully passed the foolish tests of “answering islam” by destroying many of their articles. The bikini-lovers (Christians) can probably argue the same.

Regarding the pagan influences, the suckers of “answering islam” can only link to the Tektonics website because they lack knowledge in the Mystery Religions. In actuality, the infidels have failed the test by their own pens.

Also, I challenged “answering islam” the impossible task of refuting the Historical Errors of the New Testament without any help:



The challenge is literal and honest, the bogus writers of Answering Islam are obligatorily charged with refuting the Historical errors LINE BY LINE, it’s an impossible test they can never pass! 

Anyway, the infidels of “answering islam” are sick and twisted if they expect Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") to just sit around and watch Islam attacked on the Internet.

Please visit the following links to see how I exposed “answering islam” (passing their tests).

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There is plenty of evidence that Sam is possessed by a devil (Jinn).

Is Jesus GOD?  (with Sam Shamoun)  Warning!!  Sam Shamoun lost his temper and started throwing foul insults at brother , me personally and Islam.  Brother , on the other hand, kept his good manners and cool and thanked Shamoun instead.  This AUDIO contains some filth from the barking missionary.  Viewer's discretion is advised! (*)

Notice how the Infidel Sam is desperately trying to redeem himself. Recently, the infidel called me “gentlemen” in this article.


Before we can discuss this alleged test, and explore its consequences, we have to define what test we are talking about. The following is a reasonable rule for the game: (A) Someone who is the first one to create/publish a particular misquotation is the person who tests others. (B) People who realize that a quotation is wrong and expose it as false have passed the test. (C) People who believe misquotations put up by others have failed the test. However, since "believing misquotations" is something internal to the brain of a person and cannot objectively be verified, we can only do it this way: Those who repeat and/or pass on (utilize) misquotations without exposing them as wrong have failed the test.


Let us respond from a different angle. I challenged “answering islam” to rebut my article Did Jesus Have Female Breasts which Jochen Ratz responded here. But, the article shows that Katz clearly failed to disprove my argument. The infidel Jochen Katz attempted to prove Jesus was masculine (Rev. 14:14-16) so he cannot have female breasts. Yet, the evidence proves the contrary. Despite the works of Homer (who applies mastos to males), the Greek New Testament applies mastos exclusively to females (Luke 11:27, 23:29), and stethos exclusively to males (Luke 18:13, John 13:25, 21:20).

There is no other explanation, the Greek word mastos is used esoterically by the author of Revelation to depict Jesus as androgynous, and he wanted to signify wholeness. Moreover, we find pagan influences; the Book of Revelation is the most disputed book. Even scholars today reject Revelation.


"Yet, as a matter of fact, every book of the New Testament with the exception of the four great Epistles of St. Paul is at present more or less the subject of controversy, and interpolations (inserted verses) are asserted even in these."  Encyclopaedia Brittanica, 12th Ed. Vol. 3, p. 643 

With the exception of the Pauline letters the New Testament writings were relatively slow in appearing and a high proportion of them are anonymous. (C.F. Evans, The Cambridge History of the Bible", p. 233)


I have destroyed the response by Jochen Katz, so you have failed the test, (at least you fools tried).

Questions for Answering Islam:

(1). How did James (the brother of Jesus) become the Leader of the Church when he rejected Jesus in the Gospels?

(2). If Paul was a student of Gamaliel, why didn’t he mention this?

(3). If Paul was indeed Pharisaic, why did he persecute the followers of Jesus when Gamaliel defended their movement?

(4). The Pharisees rejected Jesus (Matthew 9:34, 12:14 Luke 11:53), and Jesus called them hypocrites and oppressors
(Matthew 16:16, 23:13-15) But why did Gamaliel, a Pharisee teacher, support the followers of Jesus in the Acts?

(5). Why do the synoptic gospels fail to mention the Feast of Tabernacles?

(6). Why do the Gospels fail to mention the name of Pilate’s wife?

(7). Why didn’t John record the Eucharist?

(8). If Peter was crucified upside-down, why didn’t Clement of Rome (d. 97) record it?

(9). Why did the Gospel writers reject the calendar used by the Nazarenes?

(10). Why don’t you fast forty days and forty nights if you’re Christian?

(11). Can you explain why the Gospel of John omits the Temptation of Jesus?




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