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Another incident where Sam Shamoun insults with his foul-mouth:

Here is a brief conversation that I had with Shamoun through one of his Christian friends, "Dk-man7", on paltalk:

Dk-man7: Answering Islam: so thanks for prvoing u are not a man like ur prophet
Answering Islam: pass that on
www QuranSearch Com:  tell him to come to my room and debate me right now
www QuranSearch Com:  and see who is the coward
www QuranSearch Com:  we already exposed his foul mouth
www QuranSearch Com:  so no need for me to further prove it
www QuranSearch Com:  it's on tape and text on our site
www QuranSearch Com:  read it and hear it
Dk-man7: Answering Islam: spinelss coward
Answering Islam: u had the courage to go into someone else's room
Answering Islam: but now need to make excuses
www QuranSearch Com:  you see who is the coward now?
Dk-man7: Answering Islam: we know u are a fag
Answering Islam: and don't have the guts
www QuranSearch Com:  Thank you for calling me a "fag" because I'll post it on the site tonight

So there you have it folks.  This ill-mannered coward is notorious in running his foul mouth.  And yet, he calls me a coward for refusing to come to his room so he can run his trash mouth again.  Hilarious indeed!  This is what the leader of the "answering Islam" team is like; he is a lifeless loser who can't control his foul mouth and bad manners.  See the ample more references in the "dumpster section", where he's done this in the past, many times, and had been caught and exposed.




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