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Attention all Muslims!  We need your help!

I first of all want to thank all of the sincere and generous Muslim brothers and sisters who offered to give me on several occasions financial assistance for this site.   Alhamdulillah (thanks to Allah Almighty), I don't need and never needed any financial assistance, and I definitely would never accept any donation or financial assistance for a work that I do for the sake of Allah Almighty and my Muslim brothers and sisters.  So please don't trouble yourself to offer me any money dear brother or sister.  I pray to Allah Almighty to always bless those generous and sincere ones and to increase their faith and wealth.  Ameen.

The help that I am calling for is as follows:

As you probably know, this web site contains many comparative religions articles that prove that Islam is without a doubt GOD Almighty's Truth.  The articles were written by several Muslim brothers and sisters, may Allah Almighty shower them with His Holy Blessings, and by me, your humble web master of this site.  Our humble team can only do so much, and can only reach so many people.  I believe that in general every Muslim in the West has his/her little community of non-Muslims who discuss Islam with them every once in a while. 

What I want from YOU is to take our team's long years of hard work many steps and many levels forward, and to become a scholar in Islam and an ambassador of Allah Almighty to Mankind, and to always be prepared to give the right and detailed answers about Islam.   I've written an Offline Noble Quran Search Software, and I am giving you all of this web site's articles for download.   Plus you can also use my web site's Noble Quran, Hadith and Site Search Engines.

You brother or sister have everything it takes to become a scholar in Islam.  You can increase your knowledge with the wealth that this site has to offer, and you can certainly help or cause people to embrace Islam.  Now what more honor would you want from this life?

Finally, on behalf of my beloved brothers and sisters who helped this web site grow and who are truly my heroes, I would like to thank you for considering my appeal to you.   Please brother or sister do your best to educate yourself about Islam and to be the best ambassador of Allah Almighty to Mankind.  May Allah Almighty bless you!   Ameen.







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