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Currently, only a little less than $500.00 were contributed to the case:

Peace be upon you brothers and sisters,

As of today, Wednesday, 4/12/2005, I only received a little less than $500.00 for the case (See screen shots below for proofs).  I so far spent $3500.00 for my lawyer's fees.  So I am down with $3000.00, and the case is about to go live in a US court. 

Unfortunately, the case will be very expensive, and I was turned down by all of the Islamic organizations that I contacted; the local mosques, and CAIR.  I only have YOU the Muslim reader of my site.  I am only doing this for the sake of Allah Almighty.   I have already spent thousands of hard-working hours building this site in the past several years.  I am used to sacrifices, and insha'Allah (if Allah Almighty is Willing) I won't give up on this one.

All I am asking for is to raise around $20,000.00.  This amount will enable me to teach the racist and the polytheist trinitarian pagans in FOX News channel a lesson that they will never forget.  It will enable me to raise the Name of Allah Almighty and His True and Divine Religion of Islam High in the US through their very own media!

You saw my site, and you know my site.  You know well that its capable of converting people to Islam.  Not only that, but it had also done a superb job in strengthening the Muslims' faith in Islam.  My readers no longer feel ashamed or uncomfortable saying that they are Muslims any more!  They're also not frustrated from all of the lies out there against Islam, because my site had debunked all of them, by the Will and Grace of Allah Almighty.

I am not going to act like a sales person and sit here and beg anyone.  If you're not going to help, then you're not giving me the chance to fight and to show these polytheist trinitarian pagans what GOD Almighty's True Believers are made of.  I am not hostile and we're not hostile, but we do also need to shove some boots into some liars' mouths!

I've received and still receive endless praises for my site.  That's all great, but talk is cheap, except for the brothers and sisters who truly can't afford to contribute!  I am really dying to have this opportunity.  You don't know what this really means to me.  I am not asking for money for my pocket.  I've already spent a good amount from my pocket and I am willing to spend 10 times more, but I really have to see Muslims care.  So far like I said above, I've been turned down by all of the Muslim organizations that I have appealed to.  They wouldn't even let me do a fund raising.  Their excuse is "they don't know now a days where that money will be funded to."  A lame and hypocritical excuse by some cowards in name of "fighting terrorism".  I am not a terrorist and my site speaks clearly about what kind of a Muslim I am.

Anyway, I am done talking.  Below are the screen shots of how much I so far raised through Paypal.  On top of the captured amounts below, I received a total of $115.00 from my PO Box address, which brings the whole total close to $500.00.

Important Note:
  I removed the brothers' names from the list to protect their dignity and privacy.  Also, notice that I gave the date range from 01/01/2000 to today's date.  Even though I only got my Paypal account last month or so, but just to show the reader all the possible activities that occurred in the past, I gave it a 5-year range to eliminate any doubt for my Truthfulness.


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Peace and Blessings be upon you.

Osama Abdallah

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