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It's funny how the pornographic emails had resumed 5 days after the attack on the US:

I just wanted to bring to my reader's attention that today Sunday 9/16/2001, 5 days after the attack on the US, I have received my first round of porn emails!

Due to the popularity of my web site, and the email address on my web site as well, I receive an average of 10 different porn emails everyday!  I can tell they are porn emails from the "Subject" line.  Anyway, it just struck me how many "Business-oriented" Americans are nothing but money driven scum fake patriotic hypocrites, who can really be bought anytime and anywhere!

I of course highly respect all of the Americans who are religious, conservative and who are really patriotic, and I applaud them for it.  Unfortunately, however, everything in the US is about money.  I mean, if you really wanted to show some patriotism, then for GOD's sakes, you shouldn't have held yourself too hard by waiting only 5 days for your country's tragedy.  You shouldn't try to B.S. your country, and try to sell your body shortly after a NATIONAL tragedy!  Do you know what a national tragedy mean?

I wonder if the US banks will wave the mortgage payments for the month of September or October to allow Americans to go and help their folks in NY and DC in their tragedies.

I wonder if the utilities bills will be waved too.  Otherwise, how else would the "big giants" show some patriotism toward their country on a "national day" tragedy.

Or at least, if they do collect their money, then they should give it all to the agencies that are helping the government or give it to the government directly.  Not like "AOL and Time Warner" for instance who only gave 10 million dollars in donations.  Heck, I am sure they make 20 times this number per month in profits!

I will try to gather a list of the big corporations and the amount they claimed to have donated so that I would at least be fair to AOL and Time Warner.

But then again, as they say here in the US, "everybody has a price".   And I guess the price of those who died in the tragedy in the eyes of the porn industry is a 5-day waiting period.  Soon, I am sure they will all be forgotten and the big guys will continue making their billions.

That's all.

GOD bless all.

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