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In Islam, there are two Angels for each human being recording his good and bad deeds.  Is this supported in the Holy Quran?

Let us look at what Allah Almighty Said:

Noble Verse(s) 10:21
Yusuf Ali:

[010:021]  When We make mankind taste of some mercy after adversity hath touched them, behold! they take to plotting against Our Signs! Say: "Swifter to plan is God!" Verily, Our messengers record all the plots that ye make!

Arabic (from right to left):

10:21 واذا اذقنا الناس رحمة من بعد ضراء مستهم اذا لهم مكر في اياتنا قل الله اسرع مكرا ان رسلنا يكتبون ماتمكرون


Noble Verse(s) 43:80
Yusuf Ali:

[043:080]  Or do they think that We hear not their secrets and their private counsels? Indeed (We do), and Our messengers are by them, to record.

Arabic (from right to left):

43:80 ام يحسبون انا لانسمع سرهم ونجواهم بلى ورسلنا لديهم يكتبون

So yes, it is supported in the Holy Quran.





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