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Look for "Bism El-Lah (Allah) al Rahman al Rahim" below.

It's funny how the deceivers substituted the common English spelling of "Allah" with "El-Lah".  It tells you how far these polytheist trinitarian pagan liars would go to disprove the Divine Truth of Islam.  Even more ironically, they were trying to prove the trinity lie with the archeological discovery.  I guess to them, the trinity god's name is "El-Lah" and Islam's GOD is "Allah". Very silly and childish indeed!

They have to resort to lies and word games to accomplish their evil desires!  They're also very disrespectful and think
very low of their Western readers' intellects by trying to pass this type of foolishness on them.


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The Christian Arab Heritage

By Dr. Fr.Labib Kobti

What is the Christian Heritage| Who are the Arab Christian Fathers | A Conclusion

1- Introduction:

2- What is the Arab Christian Heritage?

3- Who are the Arab Christian Fathers?

4- Conclusion



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