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Unfulfilled Prophecies in the Bibles:

The following article is from an email I received from brother Abdallah; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him.  Ameen.  The colors and numbers below are mine.


From: "3abdalllah .." <obo_s3ood@hotmail.com
To: Osama Abdallah 
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 11:09:01 +0300

Asalamo Alaikom brother. I found this script of a debate about Quran and Bible in the light of science i figured ud like it and use it in ur site:

Unfulfilled Prophecies:

"I can give you a list of unfulfilled prophecies. For example if you read

1-  Genesis, Chapter No. 4, Verse No. 12, it says… ‘God told Cain: you will never be able to settle you will be a wanderer.’ Few Verses later on Genesis, Chapter No.4, Verse No.17, says…‘Cain built up a city’ – unfulfilled prophecy.

2-  If you read Jeremiah, Chapter No.36, Verse No.30,  it says that…‘Jehoiachin the father of Jehoiachin… no one will be able to sit on his throne - The throne of David, no one will be able to sit after Jehoiachin.’ If you read later on, II Kings, Chapter No 24, Verse No 6, it says that… ‘Jehoiachin after he died, later on Jehoiachin sat on the throne’ - Unfulfilled prophecy.

3-  One is sufficient to prove it is not the word of God - I can give plenty. If you read Ezekiel, Chapter No 26, it says that…‘Nebuchader, he will destroyed Tyre.’ We come to know that Alexander the great, was the person who destroyed Tyre - Unfulfilled prophecy.

4-  Isaiah, Chapter No. 7, Verse No 14, says, prophesying of…‘The coming of a person who will be born to a virgin - his name shall be Emmanuel.’ They say… the Christians - it refers to Jesus Christ peace be upon him. Born to a virgin - the Hebrew word there is ‘amla’, which means not ‘a virgin’- ‘a young lady.’ The word for ‘virgin’ in Hebrew is, ‘baitula’, which is not there. Even if you agree - we are using concordance - we agree… ‘Virgin’… ‘Virgin’ - No problem. It says… ‘He will be called Immanuel.’ No where in the Bible is Jesus Christ peace be upon him, is called as Immanuel - Unfulfilled prophecy.

I can give several, plenty unfulfilled prophecies - One is sufficient to prove the Bible wrong - I have given a few. "

if u want the complete script of the debate and other debates please visit:


Thanks, May Allah Bless you with Al Firdos




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