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Call on all Muslims to end the over-the-board demonstrations regarding the ridiculous cartoons on Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him!

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters,

I am not sure if my voice will be heard, but I decided to write this brief article because emotions are becoming a bit too ridiculous regarding the ridiculous cartoons against the Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him.  Muslims need to understand the following:

1-  The journalist or journalists responsible for the cartoons do not represent any government.   They certainly do represent the news paper that they write for, but they do not represent the government of Denmark.

2-  Asking the government of Denmark to apologize is quite absurd!  It makes us all look ignorant about the West's democracy and irrational and oppressive people.

I really don't understand why some Muslims are making such a big deal out of this?!   Today, 10 people in Libya died from clashes with local police.  Here in the West, freedom of press, speech, and expressing your opinion are honored.  I personally would defend the rights of individuals, especially non-Muslims, to express their opinions on anything even if its against Islam.  I would counter them as I always do through my web site with Truth, not hostility.  I do not like nor support insulting my beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, but at the same, I think it is quite ridiculous for me to try to ask the Danish government to apologize for one of its citizens for expressing his opinion on paper.  Not long before this Danish incident, I watched on Fox News a report about a Jewish journalist who wrote in some news paper that Prophet Jesus (Isa), peace be upon him, was born from fornication.  Remember the recent "war on Christmas" controversy that is now forgotten due to this recent incident against Islam?  Well, the Jewish journalist expressed his opinion and basically said that Jesus was a son of a whore and that we must not celebrate Christmas.

So please Muslims, wake up and try to instead change the corrupt countries that you're living in and make them prosperous so that your very own citizens, your very own brothers and sisters, wouldn't have to be so desperate to come to the West from the first place.  And when they would come, they wouldn't come due to desperate measures.  I mean, we live under the feet of the infidels by our very own choices, and yet, we cry when they insult our religion?  Let's be rational here and let's deal with the problem from its very root!   Insulting Prophet Muhammad or any Prophet, peace be upon them, should never be escalated to this level when done by a private agency and not a government official, because, again, these countries live on freedom of speech and expression.

I honestly don't really see a valid reason for the Danish government to apologize.   I think we just have to understand the West a little better and try to learn a valuable lesson here; that we must change our countries and end the corruption for good so that Islam can truly prosper in its own lands!  It is truly ironic that Islam is far more insulted in the Muslim countries than it is in the West!  At least here in the West you wouldn't lose your head if you speak against the corruption of the government.

Anyway, Allah Almighty did Say the following:

"Behold, ye are those Invited to spend (Of your substance) In the Way of Allah:  But among you are some That are niggardly.  But any Who are niggardly are so At the expense of Their own souls.  But Allah is free Of all wants, And it is ye that are needy.  If ye turn back (From the Path), He will Substitute in your stead Another people; then they Would not be like you!   (The Noble Quran, 47:38)"

"By the orders of Allah, the guardian angels accord protection. They keep watch in front of and behind everyone. Surely, Allah does not alter the fate of a nation till they change their own selves. If Allah intends evil for a people, there is no escape from it. They have no guardian besides Allah!  (The Noble Quran, 13:11)"

"That is so because Allah will never change a grace which He has bestowed on a people until they change what is in their own selves. And verily, Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower.  (The Noble Quran, 8:53)"

As Muslims today are popular in backwardness, illiteracy, corrupt governments and corrupt religious thugs, who knows, may be Allah Almighty is leaving the Muslims in the "Muslim lands" to just rot and melt away, while at the same time, He is substituting them with new Muslims from better and more courageous people, regardless of their ethnic background, here in the West, since Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West according to the Westerners themselves.  Only time will tell.

Yours in Islam,
Osama Abdallah





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