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The Coccyx Miracle in Islam and Science:

The article was sent to me by brother Mahir; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him.


The Coccyx
The Coccyx is the last bone in the vertebral column. It was mentioned in many Hadiths that this bone is the origin of humans and the seed from which they will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment and that this part doesn’t decay in the earth.

The honoured Hadiths:

  1. Abu Huraira reported that The Prophet (PBUH) said: “All what of son of Adam will (be eaten???) by the earthexcept the coccyx from which he was created and from which he will be resurrected ”  Reported by Albukhari, Al Nassaii, Abu Daoud, Ibn Majah and Ahmad in his Mousnad and Malek in his Mouattaa.

  2. As was reported by Abu Huraira the prophet (PBUH) said: “There is a bone in the Son Of Adam that the earth will never eat. They said what is it Oh Prophet of Allah? He said: It is the coccyx”  Reported by Albukhari, Al Nassaii, Abu Daoud, Ibn          Majah, Ahmad in his book “al Mousnad” and Malek in his book “Al Mouattaa”.

From me, Osama Abdallah:

Here is another Hadith:

Narrated Al--Amash:
Abu Huraira said, "Allah's Apostle said, 'Between the two sounds of the trumpet, there will be forty." Somebody asked Abu Huraira, "Forty days?" But he refused to reply. Then he asked, "Forty months?" He refused to reply. Then he asked, "Forty years?" Again, he refused to reply. Abu Huraira added. "Then (after this period) Allah will send water from the sky and
then the dead bodies will grow like vegetation grows, There is nothing of the human body that does not decay except one bone; that is the little bone at the end of the coccyx of which the human body will be recreated on the Day of Resurrection." (See Hadith No. 338)

(Sahih Bukhari, Volume 6, Book 60, Number 457)

So the previous Hadiths are clear and contain the following facts:

  1. Human are created from the coccyx.

  2. The coccyx does not get decayed.

  3. On the Day of Judgment, the Resurrection will be from the coccyx.

Stages of foetus formation:

  When the sperm fecundate the ovule, foetus formation starts. The fecundated ovule or the zygote divides into 2 cells, and each cell divides into another 2 cells. Cells division and growth continue until the formation of the embryonic disk that contains 2 layers:

The vertebral column and the last vertebrae

  • External “Epiblast”: contains the cytotrophoblasts that fix the embryo in the uterus wall and enable its nutrition from the blood and the secretions of the glands of the uterus wall.

  • Internal “Hypoblast”: From which the foetus is formed with the Will of Allah The Almighty. On the day15 the primitive streakappears in the dorsal aspect of the embryo with a pointed end called the primitive node. 

The side on which the primitive streak appears is known as the back of the embryonic disc. From the primitive streak and node all the foetus tissues and organs are formed as follows:

  • The Ectoderm: gives the skin and the central nervous system

  • The Mesoderm: gives the digestive tract smooth muscles, the skeletal muscles, the circulation system, the heart, the bones the sexual and urinary systems (except the bladder), the subcutaneous tissues, the lymphatic system, the spleen and the cortex.

  • The Endoderm: the linings of the digestive tract and the respiratory system, the organs related to the digestive tract (ex: liver and pancreas), the bladder, the thyroid gland, the hearing canal.

After that, the primitive streak and node become emaciated and reside in the sacral zone, in the last vertebrae, so that the coccyx is formed.

Therefore, the primitive streak and the primitive node represent the coccyx that the prophet (PBUH) told us about.(1)

Foetus malformation is a proof that the coccyx contains the mother cells for all the human tissues:

After the creation and formation of the foetus from the primitive streak and the primitive node, those reside in the last vertebrae of the sacrum (the coccyx) and retain their characteristics. If those are motivated somehow, they start to grow similarly to the foetus growth and so give a tumour (Teratoma) that resembles a defective foetus with some organs fully formed (hands or feet with nails) (see the picture). Therefore the sacrum indeed contains the mother cells and what the prophet (PBUH) said about the Resurrection of humans from their coccyx on the Day of Judgment has been proved.

The conclusion: the coccyx contains the primitive streak and primitive node and those are able to grow giving the three layers that form the foetus: ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm and so can give all the organs as the surgeon when opening the tumour previously mentioned found fully formed organs inside it like teeth, hair…

Humans can be then recreated from their coccyx that contains the primitive streak and node of the overall potential. (2)


And so the coccyx can not get decayed:

Researchers found that foetus cells’ formation and organisation are exerted by the primitive streak and node and before their formation no cells’ differentiation could have taken place. One of the most famous researchers who proved this was the German scientist Hans Spemann.

 After his experiments on the primitive streak and node he found that those organise the creation of the foetus and so he called them “The primary organiser”. He cut this part from one foetus and implanted it in another one in the primary embryonic stage (third and fourth week). This lead to the formation of a secondary foetus in the guest body due to the influence and organisation exerted by the surrounding guest’s cells on the implant.

The German scientist started his experiments on the amphibians by implanting the primary organiser in a second foetus, which led to the growth of a secondary embryo. The implantation of the cut primary organiser was in another foetus of the same age under the Epiblast layer and lead to the apparition of a secondary embryonic anlage.

In 1931, when Spemann crushed the primary organiser and implanted it again, the crushing did not affect the experiment as again, a secondary embryonic anlage grew.

In 1933, Spemann and other scientists conducted the same experiment but the primary organiser was boiled this time.  A secondary embryonic anlage grew in spite of the boiling showing that the cells were not affected. In 1935, Spemann was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the Primary Organiser. (3)

Dr Othman Al Djilani and Sheikh Abd Al Majid Azzandani did some experiments on the coccyx in Ramadan 1423 in Sheikh Abd Al Majid Azzandani’s house in Sanaa.

One of the two vertebras of 5 coccyx bones were burnt on stones using a gas gun for 10 minutes until their total combustion (the bones became red then black). They put the carbonised pieces in sterilised boxes and took them to the most famous analysis laboratory in Sanaa (Al Olaki laboratory). Dr al Olaki, the professor in histology and pathology in Sanaa University, analysed the pieces and found that the cells of the bone tissues of the coccyx were not affected and they survived the burning  (only the muscles the fatty tissues and the bone marrow cells were burnt while the coccyx bone cells were not affected). (4)

 by Dr Othman Aljilani (Translated By R.C)

References  :

(1)Primitive Streak 
   During the development usually on day 15, a thickened linear band of  
   Epiblast known as the primitive streak appears caudal in the midline of the
   dorsal aspect of the embryonic disc

   It is clearly visible as narrow groove with slightly bulging regions on either

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(2)Teratoma: Contain representative cells from all three embryonic layers
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The Scientific Miracles in the Noble Quran.


From www.answering-christianity.com/blog/index.php/topic,2245.msg9932.html#msg9932:


The Male Sperm determines the Sex of the Fetus:

The Glorious Quran says that the male-sperm:

1.  Is a piercing one.  
2.  It also determines the gender.

[053:045]  And that HE creates the pairs, male and female,
[053:046]  From a sperm drop when it that is emitted and is penetrating

‏53:45 وانه خلق الزوجين الذكر والانثى 
‏53:46 من نطفة اذا تمنى


[075:037]  Was he not a drop of fluid, emitted forth (and is penetrating) يمنى ?
[075:038  The he became a clot, then ALLAH gave him shape and perfected him.
[075:039]  Then HE made of him a pair;
 the male and female

‏75:37 الم يك نطفة من مني يمنى 
‏75:38 ثم كان علقة فخلق فسوى 
‏75:39 فجعل منه الزوجين الذكر والانثى

Pay attention to the definitions of تمنى and يمنى.  Both are the same word.  And notice how Allah Almighty said He created THE MALE AND THE FEMALE.  He could've just said Mankind.  But no, here Allah Almighty specified both genders.  And تمنى and يمنى is used for:

1-  Penetration.
2-  Cutting through.
3-  Piercing.

They even use the word for farmers when they insert their arms inside the cows' anus and vagina to help them with constipation and to check on fertilization.  They also use it for stabbing and cutting with a blade!  We know that the male sperm is a piercing one.  I even provided the pictures in the article.


This is why I find it STUNNINGLY amazing that Allah Almighty said in the same Noble Verses that He created THE MALE AND THE FEMALE.  He didn't just say He created man as He did in many other Noble Verses.  Here He specified the genders.

Also pay attention regarding Allah Almighty's uses of خلقنا and جعلنا .

Please visit: www.answering-christianity.com/detailed_meanings_of_scientific_words_in_verses.htm#embryology


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