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Code 19 is a recently(1970`s) founded doctrine(though there are some who claims the opposite). At the first sight it appears quite attractive to many people, particulary to those who believe or/and would like to believe in the Quran. The doctrine (or/and its proponents) asserts that it serves as a God given sign/stamp of divine authorship of The Quran. Its proponents claim that it explains many verses of the Gods Book(particularly Quran) whose meaning was unknown until these days. Allegedly, it represents a God given mathematico-numerical sign/system embeded in the Quran which has remained hidden until 20th century, when was the Gods plan to reveal it, in a scientific age, when all things are looked, examined and judged by science, logic and its tools- in the most appropriate time. "The sign" could be easy appreciate by almost anyone cause it is"easy to understand and impossible to immitate", it is, as its proponnents insist, an objective, scientific and physical evidence of Gods existence and/or of the divine autorship of the Quran" -a sign perfectly suitable to the scientifico-sceptical age in which we live.
Many people claimed that it convinced them of divine design of the Quran and increased their faith. And truly, when you read the books which propagate the code its quite hard to stay calm or unimpressed by numerico- mathematical featurs presented, as well as, verses of the Quran allegedly related to it. The proponents of the code plea that all the people should acept the theory. They claim that it brings benefits to all; convince christians, jews and Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more"), convince atheists, introduces a new wind in the world of theology- according to Rashad Khalifa, who is according to many, discoverer of the code- (i am paraphrasing):"we don't have to believe anymore now we clearly know that God, J-day, eternal life is true/reality".
However, it is only true at the first sight, this is only what it appears to be, after a superficial and non detail study/research, particularly, if the research wasn't carefull and guided by the precepts set by The God`s Criterion(Quran). The attractive outlook of the code and its alleged usefullnes, intelectual challenge and all other alleged benefits of the theory are just a misleading mask. Under the surface the things are Quite opposite. Under the surface a monster is hidden. Old proverb "All is not gold that glitters" has found its full fulfilement in the case of the Code 19. Code 19, more precisely, that what is propagated as the code, can not benefit, nor guide, nor increase faith but only contributes to the opposite and can do only harm and misguidance and provoke Gods wrath upon its believers and folowers.
It was propagated as a scientific work but it appears that its was tottaly unscientific work, full of errors, false datas, unscientific methods etc. It prove itself as a total negation of the science(and its proponents proved themselves as negators and neglectors of science). It was propagated as a physical evidence, but finaly it was exposed as a hearsay. It fights against the "blind faith" , yet it requires an incredible amount of it and actually based itself on that very same thing. It claimed to increase faith, but what it has done was exactly the opposite. It claimed bringing certainity and firm belief in the book, but it actualy brought uncertainity to its believers and folowers and made them doubt the book and reject its various parts (be it in theory or praxis)and made them reject the main principles of the book and forced them to conjecturing and ascribing partners to the God, it forced them to breaking of Gods laws and to sectarianism. Its an irony of idolworship. While, was he introducing, presenting, proving and defending his theory, Rashad Khalifa(as well as his followers, supporters and like minded people-believers in the code) used the same sectarian methods which he was allegedly fighting against. Rashad`s and the believer`s and follower`s of the code treatment, understanding and  interpretation of the Quran is a clasiscal example of abusive usage, treatment and interpretation of quranic ayats(see 3/7). It is performed in a typical sunni/shia sectarian style proving again again that code 19 doctrine is but a clasical sunnie/shia sect hidden behind "quran alone" mantle.
Besides rejection of the hadith(a source of religion not approved by God and the Quran), in almost every other quranic topic they treated Quran as, and folowed the rules of interpretation set by, their ancestors rather than by The God and the Quran itself.
Here are few of things that are typical of this sect whenever they are engaged in understanding/interpreting of the Quran and justyfying and proving their point of view. You will find almost all of this pattern true in almost all cases:
-The Verse mistranslated
-The Verse (or words of a verse) taken totally out of context
-The verse isolated of the rest of the Quran
-If correlated with/to other verses then its done in a worse manner and with/to those verses who are totally uncorrelated with the subject
-Most fantastic and ludicrous allegorical meaning attached to the verse
-Verses explained with their human inovations, by humans and not by God, that is, by other verses of Quran.
-All this supported by/with numerology and mathemathics or divinely inspire d sayings of Rashad(they have their own set of hadiths- numerical, as well as, textual-appendices of Rashads translaton of The Quran), very often presenting false datas, making manipulation with the metod of counting, changing criterias of counting and performing calculations. The Numbers are studied in a very subjective way and  allways changing criteria of how and what is looked for, except that it must be somehow related to 19, Rashad, years of the discovery and other years from code `s or Rashads biography etc. And what is most important -the confirming and proving of something by the numerology is NOT approved by God.

"He it is Who has revealed the Book to you; some of its ayats are decisive(muhkamaat), they are the basis/source/returning place(ummu) of the Book, and others are mutashabihat/undecisive(their meaning is not well established); then as for those in whose hearts there is perversity they follow the part of it which is undecisive(-mu-tashabih), seeking to mislead/discord and seeking (to give it their own?) interpretation. But none knows its interpretation except Allah. And those who are firmly rooted in knowledge say: We believe in it, it is all from our Lord; and none do mind except those having understanding"

What we will present here to you is a result of our long study of the topic. We judged the code by Gods given criteria in the book. But what you will find here is not simply restricted only to exposing and disproving of a teaching of an obscure, blasphemous, and misleading sect. If that was the case, we believe such a huge work would be almost redundant and unusefull.We believe you can learn much, much more from our work. You can learn a principles of the Quran-you can atain some of the knowledge of The Gods book-Gods teaching,what is of the primary importance for the final destiny of each man, and you can learn a lot about man his and his tendencies to distort the book, creates sect, reject Gods message, make mischief on the earth , lie upon God, and quarell with Him(which is important to avoid). We believe that all inumerable sects(strongly condemned by God) use to appear in a certain pattern, in a way common to all the sects. Their innumerable and most amazing differences are only superficial manifestations of the real (and allways the same) internal causes of the schismes. We offer you a remedy for sectarianism directly from the book of God.
Besides , that is a metod of God himself, throughout the book you can find many occurences of Gods teaching humanity through- first citing and bringing examples of the wrong deeds and beliefs of the people and then exposing their absurdity and defining the correct deeds and beliefs and giving different divine decrees in regerds of every particular topic.

Enjoy our humble efforts and work.

Here, we will present to you a several interesting articles and excerpts from numerous debates on the topic, that took place (mainly) at Rope forum, a place in the cyber-space, where students of the Quran from all sides of the world used to gather and discuss its signs and wisdoms and all that is related to it. And we will provide you with links useful for further investigation of this phenomenon.

What made me give up the code

Numbers DO lie!

"Initials", found on the begginning of 29 quranic chapters, do they have anything to do with code 19 ?

Distorted translations In order to justify his theory Rashad Khalifa and his followers were forced to came with wrong /incorect/false translations of many quranic verses

Who is the messenger in 3:81?

Rashad Khalifah, age of forty and the followers According to Rashad Khalifa`s teaching, suicide sometimes could be an islamic solution to problems !!!

Kill yourself if you are under 40 !!! Challenge to those who believe that whoever dies under the age of 40 automatically goes to heaven

Besides God, nobody knows time of the Hour Inspite such a clear verdict of Quran on this topic, Rashad Khalifah propheciesed the time of the Judgement Day. Method of interpretation of Quran that he used to justify this prophecy was the very same sectarian method that he allegedly was fighting against.

An advice to sellers of hadiths besides Quran

A short essey based on quranic verses, which exposes many of false doctrines of Rashad Khalifah and his followers Understanding that the creature(daabah) mentioned in 27/82 is computer is wrong. Rashad Khalifa`s prophecy that "Gog and Magog" will be freed at 1700th year after hijrah is false too.

Obsessions This is an analysis from the Quraan about the verse of 74:31, the main verse of the favourite sura of the followers of Rashad Khalifa.

Followers of code 19 are not followers of Quran Alone. Quran alone is just a misleading musk behind which a numerous false gods lie.

Code 19 and 3/7 A must read!

Messenger/prophet-GET RID of unquranic definitions (A must read) The definitions of Rashad Khalifa that "prophet brings the book and messenger not" and that "every prophet is a messenger but not every
messenger is prophet" are FALSE DEFINITIONS - UNQURANIC definitions. He tried to diferentiate between terms messenger and prophet in order to make a place for his messengership, claiming that Muhamad was the last prophet but not the last messenger. This article shows that the basis for this differentiating between messenger and prophet was false.

Rasul/Nebiy in comparision to Nadheer/Basheer Messenger and prophet are two INSEPARABLE aspects of man sent from God to humanity to announce it`s message. This short article further expose an important part of 19 Deceit -Khalifa`s false definitions of two Quranic terms- messenger and prophet-"prophet brings the book and messenger not" and "every prophet is a messenger but not every messenger is prophet"

Was prophet Muhamad disbeliever? An interesting analysis of verses 74/30-31

Some similarities between believers in code 19 and the Sunnis/Shias A must read

Quran vs. code 19 "Code 19" contradicts the Quranic philosophy in every way.

More on initials Theory of code 19 is tearing down at the same place where it
started. At initials....

If it was God`s intention to embede a code in Quran, then... One more time about "initials"

A probability analysis of "code19" with special accent/stress on its part that deals with counts/summs of "initials" A must read

Who is their god? Allah or Rashad?

Interesting questions for believers in code 19

My wife and me - the messengers of God Exposing the real nature of "the miracle"

If we look it this way or that, and do this or that, then, there is no chance that we wont get... Exposing the real nature of "the miracle"

Who said it? God or Rashad? An excerpt from a debate on 74/30-31, code 19, Bible code... A must read

The Massacre Rashad Khalifa mistranslated (read massacred) verse 74/31 in order to justify his invention - "code 19". A must read

The number which will win the lawsuit This is an additional clarification of the expression "their number" mentioned in 74/31

Why I now reject the code 19 doctrine A confession of a former believer in "code 19"

Cult 19 and christian missionaries The "differences" between "different versions" of Quran.

Alif counts - a symbol of blind faith and conjecturing of believers in the code.

Rational monotheism or "Conjectural politheism" "The old scripts of Quran" and counts of initials

8/2 and its connection with the increasing faith mentioned in 74/31 "Those only are believers whose hearts become full of fear when Allah is mentioned, and when His ayats/communications are recited to them they increase them in faith, and in their Lord do they trust." Quran 8/2

The rejection of 9/128-9 is only a drop in the ocean of conjectures and distortions. Many people consider the rejection of 9/128-9 as the main and even the only sin of code 19 doctrine and its followers, and they would never objected to this theory and they would even accept it if there was no rejection of 9/128-9. This article argue that such an understanding is utterly wrong and points to the real dangers that comes from code 19 doctrine.

Being a pimp is a God blessed job? Interpretating/understanding of the book If the code has its basis in the Quran then being a pimp has its basis as well.

Signs and "missing" basmalah!

2280. and the age of 40 An absurd.

How code 19 protects/preserves the Quran? Does it really protects/preserve or its just a wishfull thinking and empty boasting?

Detecting deceits in "The detecting deceits in the numbers" A critical look at www.q-zone.com and Abu Jamil`s analysis of the code19, that is, their way of interpreting, following and propagandizing of the code 19 doctrine. They are, in a way, a "middle path" offshot among many offshots of the believers in the code 19 doctrine and Rashad Khalifa`s teaching. It is not necessary to be specialy familiar with Abu Jamil`s analysis in order to benefit from this article, because the article provides many answers(rebutal) to the code 19 doctrine and exposes its deceits in general.

Also, do not miss to read articles bellow !

A few things that you should know if you want to avoid to be seduced by the producers of numerical miracles!

Rejection letters that moderator of S.R.I. sends to the forum participants, when their posts are not in accordance with the rules of behaviour of S.R.I., are coded too!!! Summary-One of the problems faced by anyone who examines the claims of numerical patterns in Quran or Bible, is that when presented cleverly the patterns appear quite remarkable. A part of the reason is that variations in text or counting method are sometimes used. However, even if the text and counting method is given precisely in advance, a diligent worker can usually find patterns that look remarkable to someone not experienced in the method.

Divinely intended "error" (or a "strange spelling") in a unix shell script

Mathematical code found in Bible If you believe that there is a 19-divisible numerical code in Quran, or similar, and if you believe it is a super miracle and that it increased your faith, then, check this link, maybe you will belive in Bible more stronger then you believe in Quran. Or, you will realise that your "Quran`s" code is not too much miraculous.

Matematical code found in Bible 2

A list of links useful in investigating Code 19 Deceit:

http://monotheism.faithweb.com/response.html A must read A mathematical surah/chapter like it.
This is a response to the challenge of people from www.submission.org (the followers of Rashad Khalifa) to produce a surah/chapter containing mathematical properties of such kind as those found in the Quran - for which they claim are miraculous and imposible to imitate. They claim that Gods challenge in regards of imposibility to produce "a surah like it" reffers to "the mathemathico-numerical properties of the Quran".
ATTENTION!!! The guy has actually composed his mathematical surah so well that its properties are much more intricated, interwoven, well structured and `miraculous´ than those found in the Quran. Actually there is no a single quranic surah which contains such mathematical properties as the surah which he forged as/in the response to their challenge.


http://www.moslem.org/zebra.txt An insightful debate between Edip Yuksel - a proponent of code 19(and close companion of Rashad Khalifa), and Daniel Lomax- its opponent.
The comments of mister Lomax on the topic are quite enlighteening; he has exposed many of the fallacies and errors of followers of the code and the code itself. (His "only" fault is that he is a sunnie : )
Also it is very interesting to see how Edip Yuksel admits many of errors in his messengers` calculations and discards them as insignificant, that is, un-miraculous or un-significant.
This is, in my opinion the best work on the topic of code 19.




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