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The following was sent to me by a brother who decided to keep his name unannounced.   He is a new convert to Islam; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him.

God sleeps(Pslam4:23) God does not sleep(Quran2:225)
God eats(Genesis18:8) God does not eat(Quran6:14)
God rests(Genesis2:2) God does not rest(Quran50:38)
God is not all-knowing(Genesis3:9,4:9-10) and asks Cain WHY?(Genesis4:6)
but God is all-knowing(Quran49:1)
God forgets(Psalm13:1) God never forgets(Quran20:52)
God has wings(Psalm36:7) has hands(Job27:11) has a razor(Isiah7:20)
has legs(Genesis3:8) Quran112:4="There is NONE like unto him!"
Exodus15:8= God has nostrils! He roars (Joel 3:16) even
"Let us make man in our own image"(Exodus1:66) "There is none like
God does hear(Habbuk1:2,Psalm18:14) God is the hearer(Quran41:11)
God does not know the unseen(2Kings19:16) Knows the unseen and the
seen(Quran49:18) God breaks his promise(Levictus26:44) God never breaks
his promise(Quran30:6). God lies(1Kings22:23,1Samuels 16:2,Jerimiah20:6-7,
Proverbs25:2). God has revealed the TRUTH
God commands Isaiah to go naked for 3 years(Isiah20:1-3,Amos2:16) God
does not command anything shameful(Quran7:28). Quran22:39= "Everything is
possible with God", yet he failed to drive out the lowlands(Judges19:1)
God will spread dung(droppings) on your faces(Malachi 2:3). He commands
to eat dung(Ezekiel 4:12) yet God loves those who are clean(Quran9:108)
God will not forgive(Joshua24:19) God is all-forgiving(Quran4:43)
God is loving(Quran11:90) God is hating(Proverbs6:16). God is a
murderur(Numbers11:33). Hate evil(Pslam97:10), yet whoever does evil is
good(Malachi 2:7, this contradicts Isiah5:20="Woe to them that call evil
good". Quran7:58= Keep the lands clean, yet God filled dung all over a
land(2Kings9:37) Adultery is forbidden(Quran17:32) yet God commands
adultery(Hosea 3:1) Satan smote Job infront of God(Job2:7) God is
all-protecting(Quran2:257). Judges 2:14= Gods anger on Israel, yet he
loves Israel (1Kings10:9), yet he smote Israel(Numbers 11:33) God loves
pagans(Hosea 3:1). Revelations 12:7 = "And there was WAR in heaven,
Michael and his angels fought against the dragon". Compare this with
Quran9:89= "God has prepared for them gardens with rivers flow beneath"
Quran14:23= "they will enter heaven, and angels will say: "PEACE be unto
you". Gardens of PEACE not WAR(Quran3:136,4:57,122).
Isiah3:1= "God takes away water". Quran15:22= "Water is a gift from God,
he brings it, and does not take it". God abuses himself(Jerimiah 10:18) yet
all-powerful(Quran22:39).God has no mercy(Zechariah 1:2), but is very
merciful(Quran39:53) Judge not(Matthew 7:1) yet God judged(Pslam82:2).

Numbers11:33= "The Lord smote the people with a deadly plague"
Quran11:90= "God is most loving".

Judges20:35= "The Lord smote Benjamin, and the Isralties kill 25,000
Benjamites(tribe) in one day!
Quran85:14 = "God is most loving" (Get my message? God is loving in Quran
and not in the Bible, the image of God in the Bible is corrupted)

1Samuels 25:38=" The Lord smote an innocent man named Nabal"
Quran1:1= "God is most gracious, most merciful"(We can see how the Quran
corrects the Bible)

2Kings15:5="The Lord smote a king in Israel"
Quran2:37= "God is most gracious,most merciful"
--2Chronicles 14:12 ="The Lord smote many innocent people(Once again!)

God commands killing(Joshua 11:8,12,21,Isiah30:31,1Kings15:29)
Quran2:54= "God is most gracious, most merciful"
David himself was a sinner(2Samuels 5:20)
--God smote another innocent man(2Samuels 6:7)
Quran2:128= "God is most gracious, most merciful"
--God killed the enemies of Elisha(female)(2Kings6:18)
God contradicted Jesus in Matthew6:44 = (Jesus)"Love your enemies!"
Quran2:143= "God is most gracious, most MERCIFUL!"

--2Kings19:35 = "God killed 145,0000 innocent people in Israel"
Quran2:160 = "God is most GRACIOUS, most MERCIFUL!" (See my point?)
--God murderued his own prophet Haggai in (Haggai 2:17)
Quran2:173 = ...God is most gracious, most merciful"
--God killed "Er" which was Judah's firstborn(Genesis 38:7)
Quran2:182 = ...God is most gracious, most merciful (every chapter of the
Noble Quran begins with the formula: IN THE NAME OF GOD, MOST GRACIOUS, MOST
MERCIFUL", but where in the Bible?
--God commanded Moses to kill all the males(Numbers31:7)
Quran2:192 = ...God is most gracious, most merciful"
--God helped a man kill a million men(Judges 14:19)
Quran3:31 = ...God is most gracious, most merciful (See the difference?)
--God commanded Elijah to sin(2Kings10:7)
Quran3:89 = ... God is most gracious, most merciful"
--God helped Moses cause destruction(Deotramy 2:33)
Quran3:129 = ...God is most gracious, and loving
--God commanded David to cause destruction! (1Chronicles 14:16)
Quran3:25...God is most gracious, most merciful

CONCLUSION: The Quran has won the test of comparision.






The original name for GOD Almighty from the Aramaic and Hebrew sources in the Bible was indeed "Allah".

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