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Muslims, help and donate generously for your Muslim brothers and sisters in Pakistan!

Brothers and sisters, please help in every way you can.  Don't expect from the "Muslim" governments to help because they are the true hypocrites and infidels.  When hurricane Katrina struck the US and only took 1,000 or so lives, - marginalized lives from the African-Americans race, - with it, the cries of the US-god was heard loud and clear by the swines from the rich and the rulers of the desert in Arabia.  Literally, 100s of millions of US dollars were poured into the US government's pockets (Kuwait alone donated $500 million), while their very own blood brethrens in Palestine and else where had been crying for 50 years and only minimum help had been getting to them.  They're still living in "below poverty level" refugee camps in several Arab countries.  The case is even worse for Muslims else where in countries such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, etc....

Now don't get me wrong here, I am not saying that more dead by Katrina would've been better, especially that most of the victims were from the lowest class and race of the country.  But I just think that it is completely ridiculous that such a little event, compared to the real ones out there like Tsunami, was over exaggerated by the desert swines that they had to give hundreds of millions of dollars for it into the US government's pockets, none of which went to the victims anyway.  The African Americans all over the US, not just in Louisiana, are marginalized people and don't really mean much to their government.

Those desert swines think that the non-Muslims from the Anglo-Saxons are their real friends.  They don't know that the second, not the day or hour, but the second that their oil runs out, they will be immediately flushed into the toilet by them.   So the relationship between them should be strictly a business one.  Not sacrificial hypocrisy and shoe-licking.

Need I also remind you about the genocide that took place against Muslims for several years in Bosnia and Kosova, and none of them dared to step up to help?  It took their US god to step in, help, and end the conflict and suffering for the Muslims.

Long story short, don't count of the swines of the desert to donate 100s of millions of US dollars to Pakistan like they did for their god.  The Muslims are expendable to them!  Therefore, I ask you and warn you that you must not rely on the swines of the desert to do YOUR JOB for you.  So please empty your wallet and donate generously.

May Allah Almighty Bless you and Protect you.  Ameen.

Your brother in Islam,
Osama Abdallah


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