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Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the non-idol worshiping Hindu Scriptures:

This article was sent to me by a Muslim brother who requested from me to keep his name anonymous.  May Allah Almighty always be pleased with him.

Chapter 12 of the Kalki-Purana

     " 'Jagatguru' will be born of 'Bishnuvagat' in the woumb of 'Sumati'.He will be born '2 hours after sunrise' on Monday, the 12th of 'Baishakh'. His father will die before his birth and his mother some time later after his birth. 'Jagatguru' will marry the princess of the 'Salmal' island. His uncle and three brothers will be present in his marriage ceremony. 'Pars-Ram' will teach him in a cave. When he will come to 'Sambala' from 'Salmal' island, to preach his teachings, his relatives will oppose him. He will be bound to migrate to the 'Northern Hills' to avoid the on-going torture and persecution. But after some time, he will return to 'Sambala' with 'sword in hand' and will 'conquer the whole land'. 'Jagatguru' will visit earth and the seven heavens riding on a 'horse' ".

Jagatguru :- "Jagat" means World, and as we all know "GURU" means "Teacher". and Sure Our beloved Prophet was illetrate Teacher of world.

Bishnuvagat :- in purana "Bishnu" means "God", and "Vagat" Means "Servent". in Arabic Abdullah means Server of God

Sumati :- 'Su' means 'Peace' or 'Self-Satisfaction', the arabic of which is 'Aman'. 'Mati' means 'Soul' or 'Heart'. Therefore, the meaning of 'Sumati' stands 'Satisfied Heart', and the arabic of which is "Amina". Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) mother's name is Amina.

12th Baishakh, Monday : According to the Bikrami Calender of India, the month Baishakh is known as the month of Spring. The arabic of 'Spring' is 'Rabi'. We know that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born on Monday, the 12th of  Rabi-ul-Awual, the third month of the arabic calender.

2 Hours after Sunrise : If it is 2 hours after sunrise in India, the corresponding time in Arabia would be  2 hours and 40 minutes earlier (The lattitude of Arbia is 80 Degrees West and that of indi is 40 Degrees west: Therefore the time difference would be (80-40)x4=160 minutes). It is known that Muhammd (peace be upon him) was born at the early dawn, well before the sunrise in Mecca of Arabia ('Hijaj' was the then name of Arabia).

Salmal Island: In the Puranas of the Hindus the world has been divided into six parts. For example,
1. Jambu Island- India, Tibbet, Burma (i.e. Mayanmar) etc.
2. Shak Island- Europe
3. Karuncha Island- Beluchistan and Afganistan
4. Kaash Island- Africa
5. Shakli Island- Russia and China
6. Salmal Island- Arab and Asia Minor.

Pars-Ram: 'Ram' means Creator and 'Pars' means Axe, and sometimes it also means 'the Great'. Angel Gabriel is the highly dignified Angel of Allah (One True God), who used to deliver Allah's words or messages to the Prophets. The Message angel Gabriel brought to prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) from Allah was as sharp as an axe, which eliminated all the injustice and falsehood on earth. 'Pars-ram' thus refers to angel Gabriel, who is the axe-bearer of Allah.

Marriage: The first marriage of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was with Khadija, the daughter of the most famous and richest man in Arabia.Muhammad's uncle Abu Talib, and his three brothers Ali, Aakil and Jafar were present in his marriage ceremony.

Cave: Here the 'Cave' refers to the Cave of Mount 'Hera', where angle Gabriel appeared before Muhammd (peace be upon him) for the first time, and where Gabriel asked him to read- 'Ekra Bismi Rabbik-Allazi...' --Read in the name of your lord, Allah. This is the cave of Mount 'Hera'.

Sambala: The true meaning of this is not known. However, considering the events of Muhammad's (peace be upon him) life, it appears that the word Sambala refers to the city of Mecca.

The Northern Hills: It refers to the city of Medina (the early name was 'Yathrib'). The city of Medina is about 225 miles to the north of the city of Mecca. After being tortured by the tribe of Quraish, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) temporarily migrated to Medina to avoid further torture and persecution.

Sword in Hand: Prophet Muhammd (peace be upon him) and his followers gathered strength in Medina and they came with sword in hand to conquer Mecca. Here it referes to conquering the city of Mecca.

Conquer the whole land: After conquering the city of Mecca, the whole of Arbia was conquered by Prophet Muhammad and his later followers.

Horse: It refers to 'Burak', the carrier who took Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to the miraculouus night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to the seven heavens, and finally to the Creator of the Universe, 'Allah'. And then returned again to earth within a very short time.

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