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Is the philosophy of idol worshiping similar to having a Holy Book such as the Noble Quran for instance to help a person to connect with GOD?

No it is not.  The difference between the pagans' connection with GOD and the Muslims' connection with GOD is as follows:

1- The Muslims use praying and reciting the Noble Quran as the primary connection with Allah Almighty.  Yes, the Noble Quran is an "object".   But it is GOD Almighty's Holy Words that He spoke for us to help us in life and to guide us to His Straight Path.

2- The pagans on the other hand use "objects" as well.  But they are NOT divine objects.  They are man made.  Plus, pagans use those objects as mediators between them and Allah Almighty.  Similar to the Trinitarian Christians using Jesus as their mediator between them and Allah Almighty.

3- Muslims do not worship the Noble Quran nor use it as a mediator between them and Allah Almighty.  The connection is already made in Islam between the Creator and the Creation.  The Noble Quran is not an idol that Muslims use to connect with Allah.   As I said, it is the Holy Words of Allah Almighty Himself.  It is there to guide us, because it has instructions.  It became Holy because it came from Him.   We didn't create the Noble Quran and then made it holy, as the Pagans do create their idols and then consider them holy.

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