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May Allah Almighty rest the souls of the innocent American Soldiers who died in Iraq along with the innocent Iraqis who died in the war!

My dear American brother or sister.  I pray to Allah Almighty to rest the soul of the American soldiers who are maintaining Iraq, because they are innocent from what their evil Zionist government has from intentions.  Everyday we hear about more and more American soldiers dying in Iraq from Guerilla warfare. 

War is ugly.  And unfortunately today, Americans are demoralized because they don't know what cause they are really fighting for.  The US government keeps feeding its people with nonsense such as "fighting for freedom", or "fighting to protect America", or "fighting to free the Iraqi people from a brutal dictator".  The US government was never a Jesus Christ, and never will!   All of this that you see is for serving Israel.

You are paying the price and increasingly gaining the resentment of many nations because of causes that have absolutely nothing to do with your country's interest!   The Jews are controlling the US, and until the American people come to realize this fact, and stop being so naive and used by the Zionists, you will always be confused and think that everybody hates you and is out there to kill you, just because you are an American.

Nobody hates Americans.  In fact, all of the minorities who live in America truly love and respect the American people and the American values.  The American people are truly the greatest people on earth today!  I really mean that.  They are very innocent and very dedicated to working hard and making a living.  They don't bother much with politics and they really don't care about it.

I really admire the American soldiers' attitude and humbleness in Iraq.  They don't mistreat the people there at all.  In fact, they never showed any sign of colonization or arrogance as their European English and French and others did during their glorious days.

Americans in general are very down to earth people.  They are very humble and kind.  They always have a smile on their faces, and they are always helpful and generous.  It really bothers me to see such wonderful people resented by the world.

My dear American, please try to understand why the "third world" nations might be offended by you.  Your white European ancestors were savages and blood-thirsty.  Look at their history in slavery and what they did to the Africans.   Look at the way they mistreated the countries they colonized before.  People in those countries fear the white man and expect evil from him, because of his history.  

You are however different.  You are not like your ancestors.  It will take time for the US to prove itself to the world.  I am really sorry for your losses.   I am also very sorry that most Americans are naive and don't know what the real picture is.  Zionism is the evil that is ruling the world today.  It must be stopped.  Zionists (not all Jews. Just Zionists) use every powerful country to their advantage.  They are the cursed and worst of Mankind.  They are using you today to go and fight on their behalf. 

The United States today wants to build oil pipes from Iraq's oil-rich cities all the way to Israel.  That's why right after Iraq's invasion, the US started about invading Syria.  Look at the geography of the Middle East and you'll know why.

Please don't be fooled by your Zionist-controlled media.  Please don't believe everything they say.  They twist the Truth and misquote the Bible and make you believe that they are doing GOD Almighty's work by "protecting Israel".   Israel is cursed!  The Zionist Jews have sold the Life After with a miserable price and bought this life.  That is why they are dominating the world.  Satan as Jesus said, is "the prince of the World".   This means he will always dominate the World, and evil will always have the upper hand over Good.  The Zionists today are the rulers of the World.  They are Satan's best friends and best followers, because they cause so much mischief everywhere in the World.

The Bible cursed them, and so did the Noble Quran.  The Jews are NO LONGER GOD Almighty's "chosen people", even in the Bible.  Read what Jesus in the New Testament said about them and how he cursed them.  Jesus himself told the Jews that GOD Almighty will remove His Kingdom from them and give it to the Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more").

Please visit:  GOD Almighty in the Bible will take His Kingdom from the Jews and give it to the Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more").   You judge for yourself.

I am sorry that things are going the way they are.  All we can do is pray to Allah Almighty to bring peace the World.






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GOD Almighty in the Bible will take His Kingdom from the Jews and give it to the Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more").

Tribute to the United States of America.  Tribute to the Wonderful American People.

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