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Jacob does not mean "fought with GOD":

As we know Jacob cheated Esau by taking the bless of his brother.   Although he deserved this bless, but it still was a sin.  Bless is all from GOD.   That's why Jacob should've trusted GOD and not do it by himself. 

Jacob was forced to run to his uncle Lavan, because Esau wanted kill him.  He liked Rachel, daughter of Lavan.  He worked 7 years for her.  But when he married, his uncle Lavan gave him Leah instead Rachel.  That was a punishment for Jacob.  GOD punished Jacob.

Jacob cheated Isaac by coming instead of Esau and Lavan cheated Jacob by giving Leah instead of Rachel.  When Jacob returned home, strange things happened: He fights with some person.  In some translations it is translated as "God", but "El" can mean both angel and God.  Jacob wins the fight and the person tells him: Your name is no more Jacob but Israel (Israel - fought with God's angel). 


What was this fight? What does it mean?

GOD sent the angel to search flaws in Jacob and to test him.  This was not physical but mental fight.  Jacob passes this test.  And the angel tells him: You are no more Jacob (can also mean one that cheated) but Israel (can also be translated as rule by God's will).

This means after the fight no one can say that Jacob had his bless by cheating but he rules by the will of GOD.  Jacob already got all of his punishment for his sin and was forgiven by GOD.  And when Jacob returns home we see strange thing: Esau ,that wanted kill him forgave him too.






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