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What does "Jesus" mean? does it mean "God saves" as Christians claim?

The answer was given to me by Nick.  He is Jewish and speaks Hebrew fluently.

Jesus ( Yeshua ) means in Hebrew "salvation" and not "God saves" .
Yud Shin Waw Ain - this name dosn't include the word "God" .

Joshua ( Yehoshya ) - Yod Hey - Waw Shin Ain
Isaya ( Yeshayah ) - Yod Shin Ain - Yod Hey .

These two names are combination of Yod, Shin, Ain - salvation and Yod, Hey - Yahwe.

Yosh Hey ( Yah ) is common short from Yahwe, for example Alleluia comes from "Halelu Yah" - "Glorify Yahwe".






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