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Our John Walker Rally and Protest on 2/25/2002 in Alexandria, Virginia - USA:

The sections of this article are:

1-  The "beyond the shadow of a doubt" Justice System.
2-  The rally information.

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, and dear fellow Americans who believe in justice for all:

Your brother and fellow American John Walker is in deep trouble and is about to face the ultimate injustice!  The American FBI and CIA are trying so desperately and so cowardly to make John Walker be the lamb of sacrifice for their SOUND FAILURES!

Yes, their sound failures!  John Walker has absolutely nothing to do with the September 11 attack on the US, in which it proved that the FBI and the CIA are nothing but a big joke!  When John Walker left the US several years ago, he went and fought the Indians in Kashmire.  He never once stood against his own country or fought against his own country!

John Walker never left the US to fight the US.  This is a clear and irrefutable fact!  John Walker prior to the September 11 attack was moved to Afghanistan to fight the Northern Alliance. 


And John Walker continuing to fight the Northern Alliance after the September 11 doesn't make him a betrayer to the US!

This is the nonsense that the failing American FBI and CIA and the angry media are trying to feed the American people.  They are picturing John Walker as if he was one of the suicide bombers who hit the US on Sept. 11.

You may disagree with John Walker.  You may even dislike the guy for leaving the US to fight in Kashmire.  You may even hate his guts!  But you must not allow yourself to be stupid and fall for the nonsense that the CIA and the FBI and the angry media are claiming against brother John Walker.

Another important point:  John Walker IS NOT Timothy Mcveigh.  John Walker did not bomb the US nor fight the US.

There is no proof that John Walker ever killed any American, or shot at any American.   Just because he escaped a prison along with 80 other prisoners in which one US soldier was killed in the confrontation, it doesn't mean that JOHN WALKER WAS THE ONE WHO KILLED THE US SOLDIER.


The "beyond the shadow of a doubt" Justice System:

To all Americans, Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name.  Sons and daughters titles will be "no more") and non-Muslims:  What proofs do you have on John Walker?  The whole case is ambiguous and full of doubts.  Yet, he is being charged with 10 counts.  They are throwing so many counts against him for a hope that if he gets convicted with one or two, then this would cause him to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Is this what you truly believe in?  Is this the fair "beyond the shadow of a doubt" system that you so proudly stand up for and are willing to die for?

The case against brother John Walker is a hoax, and it must be stopped by every free American.  Today in America if you burn the American flag, no harm from the government will come upon you.  Yet, John Walker is being tortured for something he didn't do.  He is being tortured because everyone thinks he is "politically incorrect".


The rally information:

Announcement from Jamaat al-Muslimeen:

FEBRUARY 25, 2002 (Monday, 10 am) Rally for Brother Sulayman Abdul Hamid (John Walker) in Alexandria, Virginia starting at court house.  If you would like to join, let KSidd37398@aol.com know.

We'll meet at 520 King street which is in downtown Alexandria (the exit is on 495 Washington beltway going east).

So the address is:

520 King Street
Alexandria, Virginia

To get directions and map from your address to the destination, please visit http://maps.yahoo.com/py/ddResults.py

Please plan on coming.  Personally, I will drive from Chicago IL, which is approximately 18 hours drive each way especially for brother John Walker, because I believe in him.

The reason why I am driving there and not flying, is because I want to take as much literature and materials with me for the protest as possible to help for the message to be reached to as many people who can make a difference as possible.

Please do the right thing and don't give yourself lame excuses.  See you there!

May Allah Almighty bless you and protect brother John Walker.

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