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An email from a person who knew Rashad Khalifa:

Please be advised that the emphasis below are mine.

From: "elsharkawy" <elsharkawy@telesat.com.co> 
To: Osama Abdallah
Subject: RV: the fraudlent messenger of covenant
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 12:59:32 -0500

Dear Osama Abdullah,

Ramadan Kareem.

I am taking the liberty in sending you my recent message to the so-called Muslim organization, submission, after I came across of its web site two days ago via internet. Unfortunately, I never heard about the heretic claims of Rashad Khalifa until lately as I was always busy in my scientific research across Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America . The last time I saw Khalifa was in 1975- 76 in Tripoli , Libya , when we both were working there. The message below summarizes my personal view about him. Feel free to comment on the message and possibly circulating it to whom you see fit and of concern.

Sincerely yours,

Mabrouk A. El-Sharkawy, PhD, U of Arizona, Tucson, USA, 1965

Retired senior scientist, Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT), Cali, Colombia, South America


De: elsharkawy [mailto:elsharkawy@telesat.com.co]
Enviado el: Jueves, 21 de Septiembre de 2006 07:41 p.m.
Para: ' info@submission.org '

Asunto: the fraudlent messenger of covenant

Today, I just ran into your website and was astonished by the false claims expressed by a fraudulent person by the name Dr. Rashad Khalifa whom I happened to know personally, as we both were Egyptian graduate students of agriculture in the US 1959-66. Again we met in Cairo 1966-1968 as we both were researchers in the Ministry of Agriculture and the Univ of Ein-Shams and lately in Tripoli, Libya in early 1970’s as I was a professor at Tripoli Univ and Khalifa was a researcher at the newly founded Arab Institute for Development that was headed at the time by the ex Libyan colleague Dr. Saad Bin-Hemid (a prof of mathematics) to attract Arab expatriates. Khalifa was known by his continuous deception, lying, misconduct, exploitation, and fraudulent behavior. First, he claimed to be a chemist while the official certificates of the Bsc, Msc, PhD, indicated that he was an agriculturist-horticulturist (Bsc from Ein-Shams Univ, Cairo , Msc, Univ of Arizona, Tucson , and PhD , Univ of California, Riverside ). He had defected from Egypt in 1968 under a false claim of taking his American wife to a visit to her family in Tucson , but never returned to Egypt where we both were committed to serve our country for a minimum of 7 years as we had government scholarships to pursue our graduate studies in the US . Khalifa’s father, as I knew him, was a cleric employee in Egypt with middle level education and not an eminent Muslim Sufi as claimed by his son. Sufism in Islam is supposed to be a way of self-discipline, meditation and fully abiding by the letters of Shari’a laws of the Muslim holy book and the stated religious teachings. As a young adult ( from 13 -18 years old), I was fascinated by Sufism but later, as I found that the way it was practiced was mostly a cover of misbehavior and misconduct, I broke away with its followers called DARAWEESH ( somehow like the nuns and monks in Catholic church misbehaving )!!. While Khalifa was contracted to work in Libya with a very high salary under the pretext that he is capable as a “claimed-chemist” to turn Libya into a protein-rich and exporter country by applying a “secretive” methodology to their vast oil resources that he failed to reveal to a committee of expersts ( of which I was a member representing the Tripoli Univ), I faced him with the facts to the contrary of his claims. When I pressed him to write down details of his project including the chemical-biological procedures that he will apply in producing protein from oil, he declined and submitted his resignation to the director of the Institute, after a 2-y stay doing nothing other than abusing the Libyan media and the public good-well by talking about Islam and lecturing in TV. Suddenly the “eminent self-claimed and false chemist” turned into a self-claimed Muslim scholar/theologian who abused the generosity of the US society, freedom and democracy by claiming himself the awaited-for DIVINE MESSENGER OF COVENANT, citing the Bible and the Koran!!. He amassed huge amount of money, by donations, via deceiving many Muslim countries including the Libyans and the Sauidis by his claim of discovering and deciphering the “Divine Secret Code” of the Muslim book, the Koran based on a mysterious numerical calculation using the number 19 as a base and cornerstone number ( some of the Jews claimed something similar centuries ago). Khalifa apparently paid for his fraudulent attitude by his life as he was assassinated by some zealous Muslim in Tucson , Az , 1990. So he was another example of JIM JONES, both abused financially and sexually their naïve followers as it was later revealed by their victims. It is about time the learned societies worldwide eradicate those NUTS………..m. elsharkawy.



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