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If Christianity is false, then Can you explain why some of the disciples and also early Christians were executed for their beliefs?  Why would they martyr themselves for a false belief?

Important Note:  This article is only concerned about the history of the earliest Christians in the first century.  Latter persecutions of the followers of Jesus Christ (notice I didn't say "Christians") in Europe and elsewhere in the second and third centuries are irrelevant here, because these people were only mere followers of a sect of Christianity like any Christian today, and they were not first generation witnesses.  The Bible was later canonized by Constantine around year 325.  But before that, many sects of Christianity and many Bibles or Canons existed [2].  Ironically, Constantine's unified "Bible" was permanently lost!  Only portions of it were found almost 1/2 century later [2] [3] [4] [5].  There are no real "Christianity" and "Bible" in the true sense, because there never was a one and unified "Christianity" and one and unified "Canon" or "Bible" to begin with.  What we have today is all man-made lies and garbage as my points below thoroughly demonstrate and prove.

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According to the Bibles' (plural) own theologians' commentaries, the bibles' history is all forged.  The gospels and books had been written by unknown people, in unknown places and unknown dates, between 50 to 300 years after Christ departed earth.  The accounts about deaths and martyrdoms are fabricated.  These people died simply because of the Romans' persecution.  Bitter hatred was ever growing between the Romans and the Jews living in Palestine (1).  The Romans persecuted and massacred the Jews (1) and most probably everyone in Palestine around year 70 [1] [2].  This is when the Jews' second temple was utterly destroyed by the Romans.  So there was much bloodshed around, and recording history accurately and honestly at that time would've been impossible due to:

  1. Lack of the advanced technology in Media and Computers that we have today.
  2. Lack of organization in the society.  Much chaos and fear were terrorizing and scrambling the people that it was virtually impossible to tell why a certain individual was killed.  Was he killed just because he was a Palestinian?  Was he killed because he fought against the Romans?  Was he killed because he was mistaken for someone else?  Etc...  We simply do not know the honest and specific reasons of why certain individuals in the Bible died during that era.  But like I said, since much bloodshed and terrorism were around during that time and for a long time, then it shouldn't be a surprise for anyone to read about these certain individuals dying.
  3. Those who had much bias for Christianity would have wanted to forge history and lie and say that their heroes were martyred and/or lived and died in very special ways.  The Bible's accounts are extremely doubtful and absurd.  This is not according to me, but rather according to the Bible's theologians themselves who they themselves admitted that the Bible's books and gospels were:
  4. Written by mysterious people.
  5. Written by an unknown number of people.
  6. Written in unknown places.
  7. Written in unknown dates.
  8. Are full of "fables", "fictions", "fairy tales", and the original manuscripts "are lost forever".
  9. Are full of Scientific Absurdities.
  10. The original authors are "unknown" for almost all of the books and gospels of the entire Bible (Luke 2:52: GOD forgave Jesus' sins and was "charitable" with him).
  11. Are full of contradictions and corruptions.
  12. In rural areas, as this was the overwhelming lifestyle back then, gossips and lies are easily fabricated and spread.  I do not have the least shred of doubt that the Bible's accounts, which came 50 to 300 years after Christ's departure, contain an overwhelming amount of lies and fabricated gossips.  It's just the nature of humans who live in rural areas.  So one's testimony may have very well been based on a gossip that he heard from a next door neighbor or relative.
  13. It is also worth mentioning that the fathers' and elders' influence and dominance played a crucial role in having lies survive and endure.  It didn't matter what one thought or believed if it went against his elders' beliefs and ways.  No one would have likely paid any attention to the estranged person.
  14. I believe that is why Allah Almighty in the Holy Quran, for instance, Personally Promised to Guard the Holy Quran from any man's corruptions, lies and dominating gossips:
  15. "We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly Guard it (from corruption).  (The Noble Quran, 15:9)"
  16. The Holy Quran's Preservation was clearly a direct Challenge from Allah Almighty to mankind.  And Allah Almighty Ultimately Won [1] [2] the Challenge.  All Praise and Glory are due to Him and Only Him Alone.
  17. The Holy Quran Declared, Prophet Muhammad also declared, and from that the early Muslims all believed that the Bible is corrupt [2].

Therefore, the so-called "martyrs" could've very well died as a result of the persecution of the Romans, and not necessarily due to their "Christian" beliefs, and then lies had been written on the mouths of Jesus and his Disciples many decades, 50 to 300 years, after them.  The Bible's accounts are simply doubtful at best.  We can't trust the Bible's accounts on anything, because their history and sources are both unknown and untrustworthy.


1-  The followers of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, were considered Jews to the Romans, and thus, they were included in the slaughters' wholesale.





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Contradictions and History of Corruption in the Bible (Luke 2:52: GOD forgave Jesus' sins and was "charitable" with him).

The Overwhelming Scientific Miracles in the Holy Quran.

The Bible declares that the earth is flat and is sitting still in the Universe.

Detailed Analysis from Lisan Al-Arab (this alone is 10 big books) and 7 other dictionaries proving the Scientific Miracles in the Holy Quran in Great Details.  The Holy Quran in many Noble Verses declares that the earth is spherical and is orbiting in space.

No one knows who wrote the books and gospels of the Bible (Luke 2:52: GOD forgave Jesus' sins and was "charitable" with him).

Abrogations in the Bible (Luke 2:52: GOD forgave Jesus' sins and was "charitable" with him).

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Quran's STUNNING Divine Miracles: [1]

Allah Almighty also promised in several Divine Prophecies that He will show the Glorious Quran's Miracles to mankind.  For example:

1-  The root letters for "message" and all of its derivatives occur 513 times throughout the Glorious Quran.  Yet, the Prophets' and Messengers' actual names (Muhammad, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Lot etc....) were also all mentioned 513 times in the Glorious Quran.  See detailed listing here.

  See 1,000s of examples! [1]. (zip file).

Quran's Stunning Numerical & Scientific Miracles.

Stunning Prophecies [2] [3]


2-  Allah Almighty said that Prophet Noah lived for 950 years.  Yet, all Praise and Glory are due to Allah Almighty Alone, the entire Noble Surah (chapter Noah) is exactly written in 950 Letters.  You can thoroughly see the accurate count in the scanned images.

3-  Allah Almighty in the Glorious Quran said that earth is:

       -  Spherical: "egg-shaped" [1].
       -  Is rotating around itself.
       -  Is moving in space in curvy orbits [2].
       -  Is traveling through the constantly expanding universe [3].

"When the sky disintegrates, and turns rose colored like paint (وردة كالدهان)." (The Noble Quran, 55:37) [2] [3]
As we also see from the picture, Noble Verse 55:37 is a Divine Promise (Allah promised to show mankind) that mankind will actually see this come to pass one day.  NASA and other space agencies, by Allah Almighty's Will, have certainly fulfilled this Prophecy, because a natural rose wouldn't form when a "Heaven" or a Solar System or even an entire galaxy and its
trillions of solar systems all blow up (explode).  It is rather the look of it, and this is exactly what NASA confirms.


Coincidence?  See 1,000s of examples [1].Quran's Stunning Numerical & Scientific Miracles.

Islam also thoroughly rejects as man-made lies the Trinity and Crucifixion [2].  Jesus was also thoroughly called
slave of GOD [1] in both the OT and NT.

Quran:  All Bibles are mostly of corrupt [1] قول   (Quran 10:94 and 10s others discussed).  See also the 39+ members of trinity.  Jesus called every believer a Muslim in Luke 6:40.


John 5:30  "I cannot do anything on my own."  (i.e., Jesus could not perform a single Miracle without GOD sending it down to him first!).  I can not perform a single Miracle on my own!!  I am totally POWERLESS without Allah Almighty!

John 5:31  "if I (Jesus) bear witness of myself, then I would be a liar!" 

GOD didn't talk this way when He spoke to Moses.  GOD's testimony alone is always sufficient!  Jesus also bowed his face down to the ground, like we Muslims  (Isaiah 56:5: Muslim is the future believers' name, and sons and daughters of GOD titles will be "no more";    ; Jesus called every believer a Muslim in Luke 6:40)  Muslims do everyday, and prayed to GOD Almighty.