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My response to "Muhammad didn't have witnesses to prove that he was truthful":

When dealing with missionaries, I come across this argument a lot: "Muhammad didn't have witnesses, so how do you believe in him?"

First of all, Muhammad peace be upon him was indeed foretold in the original Aramaic Bible.  And the name of GOD Almighty in the original Aramaic Bible was indeed "Allah".

Beside from this, I would like to ask the missionaries the same question about their Bible's Prophets who have Books in today's Bible:  

1- Did Moses have any witnesses or was he foretold in any previous book to prove that he was truthful?

2- Did King David have any witnesses or was foretold in the books that came before him?   How do you believe in his revelations when he slept with his neighbor's wife?

3- Did Solomon, Ezra, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Job and the rest of the Prophets foretold each others?  How do you believe in Solomon's revelations when he said that his wife's "vagina tastes like wine" for him?

4- Were the Disciples of Jesus foretold in the Bible?

5- Was the Disciple Paul foretold in the Bible, since he never even met Jesus in person?

The answer to the all of the above is NO!  Non of the Bible's Prophets except for Jesus and Muhammad was ever foretold.  They just happened without any prior warnings. 


So why do Muslims believe in Muhammad? What proofs did he bring to convince his people to follow him?

We believe in Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as Allah Almighty's Messenger for the following reasons:

1- He brought the Miracle of the Noble Quran, and the belief of the One True Living GOD Almighty.

2- He was fruitful, and took his people from the darkness of idol worshiping and killing of daughters and enslaving people and mistreating women and continuous battles into the light of Islam where human equality and freedom are honored and peace and prosperity prevailed.  If it wasn't for Islam, we the Arabs today would like the idol worshipers in India, China and the rest of the Far Eastern pagan countries.  We would be living in complete darkness.

3- Jesus peace be upon him foretold his coming in the original Bible.

4- Like Jesus peace be upon him, Muhammad made prophecies and fulfilled them.

5- Every Messenger of GOD was sent only to his people. But Muhammad was the seal of all Messengers and Prophets, and he was sent to all of Mankind.

6- Islam is the only religion out of all of GOD Almighty's religions that is a complete system that covers ALL aspects and issues of life from human affairs, to how to worship GOD Almighty, to how to live your daily life and deal with people, etc...

From the above fruits, why shouldn't we believe in Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him?






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