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God needs man, or man needs God?

Of course man needs God.  Allah Almighty created us to only worship Him; see Noble Verses 51:56 and 67:72.  He also created us weak; see Noble Verses 4:28, 30:54 and 35:15.  We need Him; see Noble Verses 35:15 (again) and 47:38.

To Him belong the end and the beginning for everything He created; see Noble Verses 53:25 and 92:13.

To Him belong the glory and the power; see Noble Verses 4:139, 10:65, 35:10, 37:180 and 63:8.

Allah Almighty doesn't need anyone in this universe, but we all need Him; see Noble Verse 35:15.

The word "serve" in Noble Verse 51:56 is a mistranslation. It should be "worship".  Ask any Arabic speaking Christian, the Arabic word "Ya-bu-doon" does not mean "serve".  It means "Worship".

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