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The pagan Christianity's Trinity is the same as the Hindu's Trinity:

The following discussion occurred between a Muslim brother and a Christian.

Subj: Re: Pagan Christianity
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 12:41:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: "Raymond Ng" <huangyin@hotmail.com>
To: "Osama Abdallah"  

Dear Brother Osama,

I was having an argument with a Christian friend a few days ago.  It is a bit lengthy but I hope you will find this interesting.

Here was how our argument went about:

( For convenience sake, I will abbreviate my name as AR and my Christian friend's name as CF )

AR : What if someone were to come up to you and introduce a religion whereby God manifests himself in multiple forms ie. a tree, a cloud, a human being, a dog and a cockroach at the same time.  And in addition, this God has an uncle, an aunt and a nephew.

CF : I will tell him that his religion is totally absurd and is an innovation of the devil. I will tell him not to believe in this idiotic religion and wake up to his senses.

AR : So how can you believe in your idiotic and absurd Christianity then??!!

CF : .... I don't understand what you're trying to say.

AR : In Christianity, do you believe that God is one or God is 3?

CF : God is 1 in 3!

AR : So essentially, you are saying that God is 3!

CF : ......

AR : Does God have a father?

CF : No.

AR : Does Jesus have a father?

CF : Yes.

AR : Therefore, God has a father!

CF : .....

AR : Does God have a mother?

CF : No.

AR : Does Jesus have a mother?

CF : Yes, but it is the human Jesus.

AR : Do you regard the 'human Jesus' as God?

CF : Yes.

AR : Therefore, God has a mother!  Unless you want to admit that the 'human Jesus' is NOT God!

CF : .....

AR : Does God have a son?

CF : Yes.

AR : There you have it ! The truth of Pagan Christianity!  God is 3 and God has a father, a mother and a son!

CF : Er..., excuse me, I got to go now. (Hung up)

Dear Brother Osama, I really don't understand these Christians.  Why are they so unwilling to admit that their religion is a pagan religion?!

Their logic is:

God is 3.
God is a human being.
God has a father, a mother and a son.

What difference is there between Christianity and Hinduism then?!

It is interesting to note that Hindus also believe in Trinity and like Christianity, their God has children and relatives.

Just read up on Hinduism and you will realize that the doctrines of Hinduism and Christianity are very similar to each other.

How can anyone with common sense ascribe to such stupidity?!!  No wonder ALLAH(SWT) says that unbelievers will be punished.  They deserve to be punished for not using their intelligence!

Abdul Rahman



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