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Israeli tortures to Palestinian Civilians:

The purpose of this article is to expose the uncivilized Jews in Israel who caused so many torture to many unarmed Palestinian civilians.  Please be advised that some of these pictures are quite disturbing! 

Important Note:  Israel still refused to let the "Human Rights" organizations to enter Israel to investigate their barbaraic attacks on Palestinian civilians.  The world is still demanding from Israel to let the "Human Rights" organizations enter its lands.  Israeli soldiers are known for constantly herrasing and blocking international reporters from video taping the Israeli soldiers' activities against the Palestinian civilians in Israeli lands.

Help Muslims world-wide

You can donate money to help the orphans from Palestine.
Or you can call them at (800) 909-6822.

You can donate money to help send Medical equipment to doctors in Palestine.
Or you can call them at (888) 256-2523


pali_pic1.jpg (22979 bytes)  

baby.jpg (54853 bytes)
This little infant's head was cut off from the
Isreali rocket that struck the apartment building
that his family was living in, in Leabanon.


pali_pic2.jpg (18346 bytes)
This little kid was also a victim of Israeli rocket attacks on Palestinian Civilian places.


pali_pic3.jpg (9192 bytes)
This old civilian was shot to death from Isreali


pali_pic4.jpg (30065 bytes)
This woman was one of the many civilians who
were hit by heavy Israeli rocket attacks on civilians.


pali_pic5.jpg (11818 bytes)
Another Palestinian Civilian victim to uncivilized
Isreali attacks on civilians.


pali_pic6.jpg (57403 bytes)
Mass murder happened from Israeli soldiers on Palestinians and Leabanese
Civilians when the Israeli troops invaded a village in southern Leabanon.


pali_pic7.jpg (42988 bytes)


pali_pic8.jpg (16497 bytes)


pali_pic9.jpg (10433 bytes)
The Israelis bombed this little girl's school bus.  She lost one eye
and most of the students on the bus died.


pali_pic10.jpg (10487 bytes)
This poor Palestinian kid had lost his family as well.


pali_pic11.jpg (20060 bytes)
This is a baby who died from Israeli Rocket
explosion on civilian targets.


pali_pic12.jpg (9052 bytes)


pali_pic13.jpg (23525 bytes)


pali_pic14.jpg (17576 bytes)   pali_pic15.jpg (3039 bytes)
After incident                                                         After treatment

Amar Emeera was eating lunch in his home in the West bank village of Juma'een near Nablus when armed settlers from a nearby settlement threw a firebomb at his home.  The house ignited and two brothers were  killed. Though Amar lived, he bore horrific scars that left him unable to function as a normal child.     


A rare shot captured by reporters:

While the Israeli soldiers were not aware of any presence of reporters, a brave team of those reporters captured this event from a far away distance on their cameras. This is what the Israelis would do to the uprising Palestinian civilians (the rock throwers, who have no weapons) when no reporters are present!!

pali_pic17.jpg (17576 bytes)   pali_pic19.jpg (3039 bytes)
The kid is crying and father seeks help                  Father sees the soldiers aiming

pali_pic20.jpg (17576 bytes)   pali_pic21.jpg (3039 bytes)
Soldiers fire at the kid                                           The kid is killed!! WHY????


Pictures of Palestinian little kids and teenagers:

Pali_22.jpg (14332 bytes)
What crime did this little kid do?


Pali_23.jpg (17873 bytes)


Pali_24.jpg (15024 bytes)
Look at the blood on this little innocent child's body.


Pali_25.jpg (10377 bytes)
The kid was shot to death by Israeli


Pali_26.jpg (11184 bytes)
This young civilian man was shot to death on his
head, neck and stomach


Pali_27.jpg (21554 bytes)


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