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A Praise to the American Muslims by the US Government!

The audio file below contains praises by both Fox News Channel's John Gibson and the US Government for the American Muslims and the help they've been giving without getting much credit for it.


Quotes from the Audio File:

"The United States Government has excellent relations with the American Muslims.  They help law enforcement to a degree they don't get credit for, and it is owing to the help of the American Muslims that US law enforcement has been able to keep track of potential terrorists here."  (The Deputy Lead of the United States General Attorney, James Coney)

"So thanks to our US Muslim Community."  (John Gibson)


FOX News - John Gibson - My Word

Audio File.   (2:05 minutes)

Thursday, July 21, 2005





Islam's laws on War, Jihad and Terrorism, and treatment of enemy Civilians and Captives.

Allah, Islam, Quran, Muhammad questions and answers.

Peaceful Jihad through the Noble Quran and preaching Islam.

Why did Muhammad take up arms and Christ didn't?  Why did Islam spread by the sword if it were indeed a Religion of Truth, and Christianity didn't?

Can Muslims torture prisoners of war?

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him never took any personal revenge from anyone.

What does the Qu'ran say about violence?  Why does the Noble Quran contain Verses that command the Muslims to fight?  See the justified and good reasons behind it.

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