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Allah Almighty's Promise to return the Muslims back to Mecca came to pass!

The following article was taken from http://www.geocities.com/thetruebook/ReturnofMohdtoMecca.htm.   May Allah Almighty bless sister Sundus for creating such a wonderful web site.  Because her web site is located in an unstable URL (geocities, angelfire, Xoom, etc...), I decided to copy this page to my site so that it would get preserved permanently.


“Surely, He Who ordained The Quran for thee, will bring thee home again.”

(The Quran, 28:85)


This verse was revealed when Mohammed’s situation was dreadful, due to the hostility from the people of Mecca (which was his home). The hostility was due to the chiefs/leaders of the time, who rejected his message and thus rejected him and his followers. It was a hopeless situation, most of his followers had already migrated to Madinah (a nearby city), now it was his turn. He migrated as a migrant and then returned several years later as a conqueror, fulfilling yet another prophecy at the time of Mohammad (SAW).





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