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Abdul Haleem


Here is article on rape charges, which original appeared in the "Tucson Citizen," October 6, 1979, p. 2B:

See the "Tucson Citizen" News Paper Article


The article clearly states:

". . .a 16-year-old-girl testified that he [RK]raped her while supposedly recruiting her for a United Nations research project."

"According to the girl, Khalifa recruited her to do research on the aura, a luminous radiation that supposedly surrounds the body, and met her Sept. 3 at an East Side office for that purpose."

"The girl said Khalifa asked her to remove her clothing so that it wouldn't interfere with her aura and after massaging several parts of her body, he proceeded to have sexual relations with her." 

"...Khalifa admitted to the police that he had manipulated the girl's breasts during his research. . . ."

"Justice of The Peace James West held a three-day hearing, and found sufficient evidence to order Khalifa to "stand trial on charges of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sexual contact with a minor."


At the time of this incident Rashad was 43, was married, and had two children.



Here is what submission.org said about the case

Posted in "God Alone Quran Alone"

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. . .

Rashad Khalifa was . . . accused of sexual harassment (not rape) . . . His accusation came in the middle of his most active period of his life trying to derail him but he was smarter and did not allow the case to drag on, and distract him from his religious activities, and his message (as his enemies were hoping.) HE ENDED THIS ACCUSATION IN THE FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE IN THE USA COURT SYSTEM, TO PLEAD NO-CONTEST TO CLOSE IT AND GO BACK TO HIS BUSINESS. NO CONTEST IS NO ADMISSION OF GUILT BUT PERMISSION FOR THE COURT TO FINISH THE CASE FASTER IN A MATTER AGREEABLE TO ALL PARTIES. . . .


Though cloaked in denial, the submission organization post actually contains a KEY ADMISSION!

<No contest is no admission of guilt>

As a matter of law, this is just not TRUE.

Read how Bouvier's Law Dictionary (3rd edition)defines such a plea:

"A plea sometimes accepted in in criminal cases . . . whereby the defendant does not DIRECTLY admit himself to be guilty, but TACITLYADMITS IT by throwing himself on the mercy of the court . . ." Vol. 2, p. 2352, emphasis added.

There is a tactical reason defendants will make such a plea:

"It is NOT ADMISSIBLE in a civil proceeding on the same facts to show that the defendant was guilty. . . ." Ibid. 

This means that the plea was done in such a way to assure that RK would not be admitting liability in any civil suit the victim or her family may have brought. 

Another distrubing thing about the RK statutory rape case:

A judge DID hear all the evidence and find probable cause to require RK to stand trial.

How does this reflect on his work? Personally, I think RK's work must stand and fall on its own merits.

However, I am disturbed at court findings that RK was using fake "aura readings" as a ploy to have sex with teenage girls! And this is what the judge who presided over RK's preliminary hearing HAD TO HAVE FOUND since the case was bound over for trial before RK plea-bargained.



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