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Sam Shamoun hooked on homosexuality:

From: "sam shamoun" <sam_shmn40@hotmail.com>
To: quransearch_com@yahoo.com, -A Muslim@hotmail.com, b_zawadi@hotmail.com, Islam_defender@hotmail.com, just_flow11@hotmail.com,
islamttd786@yahoo.com, jk@.
Subject: RE: You will have to sign a waiver form Shamoun, so that when I break your arm o
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 18:25:20 +0000

....Is that because you had been molested as a young child by your relative and liked how it
felt so you are trying to engage in such relations with others?
Or is it because you are wanting
to practice for Paradise with the young boys?
Make sure, Osama you post this reference to your gay fanatasies.



This guy is truly mentally retarded!

This mentally retarded and liar makes up lies about one being molested by others when one was young, and one being a homosexual, and then challenges him (me in this case) to post the email online so that he (Shamoun) can prove that the person (me) has "gay fantasies" and is a homosexual.  Clearly, Sam Shamoun is suffering from both emotional and mental instabilities.



So there you have it loser! I have posted your email and lies about me.

Enjoy the public humiliation!



I have cut his garbage about Islam:

The reason why you only see this part of his email is because I didn't feel like spending the energy refuting his other garbage and lies about Islam, because it is all irrelevant to this article's point.  And if I do post them unanswered, then I fear that some readers might get misled.




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