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Shia Curse Quran Prophecy:

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As'salamu Alaikum Everyone,

The more I study the Holy Quran, the more I come to despise most Muslims! [1]  Indeed, worthless garbage.  Read the following Quran Prophecy for yourselves:

‏6:65 قل هو القادر على ان يبعث عليكم عذابا من فوقكم او من تحت ارجلكم او يلبسكم شيعا ويذيق بعضكم باس بعض انظر كيف نصرف الايات لعلهم يفقهون

[006:065]  Say: "He hath power to send calamities on you, from above and below, or to cover you with confusion in party strife شيعا (Shia), giving you a taste of mutual vengeance - each from the other." See how We explain the signs كيف نصرف الايات by various (symbols); that they may understand.

The fact that we have Shias today, and lands like Iraq, Syria and Yemen are going through catastrophic tumults, where millions of Muslims have been displaced, raped, killed, maimed, starved to death, killed by wholesale and randomly and viciously all thoroughly demonstrate this Glorious Quran's Prophecy.


Shias are a false cult.  They are a mighty punishment for the Muslims.  It is the Sunnis' cowardice, lies, hypocrisy, support for lies and evil over good [1] (ex: Aisha over Ali, Muawiyah over Ali, suppressing the Quran's Scientific and Numerical Miracles, glorifying garbage hadiths, using Islam to justify evil rulers and thieves, etc...) that created the Shias.

This is one Mighty Quran-Prophecy.  The bloody history between the Sunnis and Shias throughout the Muslims' lands testify to the corruption of the Muslims in their faith.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah




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