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Some of the Shias' or Shiites' mosques are blasphemous mosques according to the Noble Quran!

The sections of this article are:

1-  The blasphemous shia mosques according to the Noble Quran.
2-  Muslims are forbidden by Allah Almighty from Praying in those mosques!
3-  Other blasphemous acts by shias.
4-  Rebuttals.




1-  The blasphemous shia mosques according to the Noble Quran:

While I don't like to generalize against all Shias, because some of them might be innocent and are sincere believers, but definitely in many ways some of them do fall under the category of disbelievers (intentionally or unintentionally) because they strive on adding so much innovations (bidaas) to Islam, to purposely enable them to look different from everyone else, that ultimately led them to stray away from the Main Stream Islam.  Ironically, even for the yearly timings of the start and finish of Ramadan and Pilgrimage to Mecca, they have their own ones.  They are always either one day before or after the start day that the Main Stream Muslims follow.  This intentional division of Muslims and diversion from the Main Stream Islam is completely rejected by Allah Almighty in the Noble Quran:

"And there are those who put up a mosque by way of mischief and infidelity - to disunite the Believers - and in preparation for one who warred against God and His Apostle aforetime. They will indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good; But God doth declare that they are certainly liars.  (The Noble Quran, 9:107)"

Notice the "to disunite the Believers" Divine Statement that Allah Almighty Made.  Any and all intentional ways that serve to disunite the Muslims is an act of blasphemy from those who are "certainly liars" as Allah Almighty Described them.  Notice the Divine Statement "by way of mischief and infidelity".   Even if their intentions are "good" or they didn't mean to act as infidels through these acts, and they would "swear that their intentions were nothing but good", but they are still, nonetheless, blasphemers, because they are guilty of leading astray, millions!

Even their Mosques look different from the Main Stream Muslim ones!  The domes that are on top of their mosques are always stretched out more on the top.  Here are some comparison pictures:


Normal looking Mosques of 95% of the 1.2 to 1.6 billion Muslim population world-wide:

dome_of_rock.jpg (14621 bytes)

mosque2.jpg (66031 bytes)

mosque3.jpg (46201 bytes)


Shia-looking mosques:

shia_mosque1.jpg (21950 bytes)

shia_mosque2.jpg (21626 bytes)

shia_mosque3.jpg (165110 bytes)


While it is not "carved in stone" as we say it today or mentioned in the Noble Quran that the Mosques must have domes or anything else on top of them, but when a group of people intentionally invent other ways to distinguish themselves from all other Muslims, then this by itself becomes blasphemy as clearly laid out in Noble Verse 9:107 above:  "And there are those who put up a mosque by way of mischief and infidelity - to disunite the Believers..."

So it is not so much about what's written in the Noble Quran about how to design a Mosque, because the Noble Quran Gives no specifications, but rather it is about staying in order with all Muslims and to strive on not "to disunite the Believers."


The fact that one can easily tell if a mosque is a shia one or not proves that shias strive on disuniting the Muslims!



2-  Muslims are forbidden by Allah Almighty from Praying in those mosques!

Allah Almighty Continues from the above Noble Verse, 9:107, and Says:

"Never stand thou forth therein. There is a mosque whose foundation was laid from the first day on piety; it is more worthy of the standing forth (for prayer) therein. In it are men who love to be purified; and God loveth those who make themselves pure. Which then is best? - he that layeth his foundation on piety to God and His good pleasure? - or he that layeth his foundation on an undermined sand-cliff ready to crumble to pieces? and it doth crumble to pieces with him, into the fire of Hell. And God guideth not people that do wrong. The foundation of those who so build is never free from suspicion and shakiness in their hearts, until their hearts are cut to pieces. And God is All-Knowing, Wise.   (The Noble Quran, 9:108-110)"

Allah Almighty is giving Clear Commands to all believers to never Pray in such blasphemous and corrupt fake mosques!  "Never stand thou forth therein..." is clearly Commanding us to stay away from them.

And because the main stream shias always strive hard on being different from everyone else in everything, this caused them to be "never free from suspicion and shakiness in their hearts...", and it is true!  I personally feel that shias are strangers.  I always feel it when I speak with them.  I never feel that they are my real Muslim brethrens.  It's not because of them personally, but rather, it is because of the corrupt beliefs and religious rituals that they follow, that had ultimately put them in isolation from the 95% of all Muslims out there.

So to all Muslims including the Shia readers of this article:


Stay away from the shia mosques because they are corrupt and they are rejected by Allah Almighty as Islamic Houses of Worship!



Even if you hear Allah Almighty's Holy Name being called there, you must always remember:

"....They will indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good; But God doth declare that they are certainly liars.  (The Noble Quran, 9:107)"


Allah Almighty Calls them liars!



3-  Other blasphemous acts by shias:

While I elaborated on this more heavily in my article, Some Muslims are guilty of polytheism, but I'd like to present few pictures here regarding the shias' yearly celebration of the unjust killing of few pious Muslims that took place 1500 years ago, and how they whip themselves and even their own children almost to death for it, as if these people that they're trying to feel the pain of are Allah Almighty Himself.  And even to Allah Almighty, there is still nothing in Islam that tells us that we must beat our selves even lightly for Him, all Glory and Praise be to Him.  Let alone for some people who were created from nothing but dust:

shia1.jpg (30566 bytes)

ashura2.jpg (11941 bytes)

ashura1.jpg (10145 bytes)




What else beside blasphemy and idol worship would you call the shias' religious rituals?


Don't they "disunite the Believers" as Allah Almighty Said?




4-  Rebuttals:

In this section, I will try to gather as many thorough responses by Shias as possible.   The following are the responses and my rebuttals to them that I gathered so far:

A response by Ali Ahmed to my "Shia Mosques" article.





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