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Sister Hawaa' Barayev Martyrdom Attack On a Russian Military:

The sections of this article are:

1-  Sister Hawaa' Barayev Martyrdom Attack On a Russian Military.
2-  A Chechnyan song for sister Hawaa'.

The following article was sent to me by brother Haleem, a new convert to Islam; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him. 

Saturday 10 June 2000 Muslim Woman Stabs the Heart of Russian Special Forces Leadership Sister Hawaa Barayev Launched Martyrdom Attack That Destroyed Russian Military Building To all Muslims!  To all those who failed to fulfill their duties to their brothers and sisters in Chechnya, To all those who waste their time with worldly exploits while Muslims are slaughtered in Chechnya and other parts of the world Take heed of the message issued by a young Muslim woman who wore the Hijab and was not even 20 years old, whose final words were: I know what I am doing; Paradise has a price and I hope this will be the price for Paradise.

Moments later, sister Hawaa Barayev drove a car laden with explosives through the streets of Alkhan Kala and into a building that was used by the leadership of Russian Special Forces in Chechnya. Russian troops unleashed a hail of fire in an attempt to stop sister Hawaa, but Allah had chosen to give victory to her and to her message. She drove the car through the gates and into the center of the building. The explosives detonated ripping through the structure and causing heavy damage.

After the dust settled, 27 Russian soldiers, many of them senior Special Forces officers, lay dead. The building used by the Russian Special Forces was severely damaged, and a Russian army of 270,000 Russians watched helplessly as a female warrior of Allah drove a knife through the heart of the leadership of Russia's elite forces. The massive damage to the building and the hundreds of panicky Russian soldiers who surrounded the structure after the attack belied official statements that only few soldiers were killed or wounded in the attack. 

Sister Hawaas sacrifice for the sake of Allah and the Muslims is a warning to the unbelievers not only in Chechnya, but across the world, that the people of Allah will no longer accept the tyranny of infidels. It is a warning to all those who think they can commit crimes against Muslim women and children without being accountable for such crimes; Hawaa Barayev taught the enemies of Allah that they will be held accountable and will be hunted down by the soldiers of Allah; Hawaa Barayev taught the enemies of Allah that the Ummah of Islam still has, and will always have, mothers who give birth to Mujahideen, men and women, who will defend the faith and honour of Muslims everywhere.

Will those Muslims who are sitting in the comfort of their homes learn the lessons taught to the world by Hawaa Barayev; will you follow in her example of unquestioning faith and heroic selflessness? Will you support your brothers and sisters in Chechnya with your strength, political and financial? Will you at least remember your brothers and sisters in Chechnya in your prayers? This operation has added a new dimension to the guerilla war that the Mujahideen are undertaking as part of their effort to exterminate the presence of Russian forces in Chechnya. May Allah increase the number and scope of such operations, and may He grant His Infinite Mercy to our beloved sister and martyr of the Ummah, Hawaa, for truly is He the Most Gracious and Most Merciful, and we do not sanctify anyone above Him.  Shortly after news of the operation spread, Field Commander Ramadan Ahmadov commented: The men of Chechnya who are sitting at home and doing nothing can no longer look at the faces of their women any more; may Allah have mercy on sister Hawaa.

Hawaa Barayev is the first woman to launch such a martyrdom operation in Chechnya. She is not the first woman martyr in Chechnya, for there have been many of our sisters who have died at the hands of the Russian cowards.  However, sister Hawaa has set a precedent with her actions; not only has she followed in the footsteps of her elder cousin, the brilliant field commander, Arbi Barayev, she has also reinforced the determination of the Mujahideen to live, fight and die for the sake of Allah Most High.   May Allah grant His Victory to the Mujahideen in Chechnya, and may He reserve for them a lofty position in the highest levels of Paradise and in the shade of His Glorious Throne.  May one of these Mujahideen be our sister and martyr of this Ummah: I know what I am doing; Paradise has a price and I hope this will be the price for Paradise.   Hawaa Barayev, The Sword of the Hijab.


A Chechnyan song for sister Hawaa':

The following link was forwarded to me by brother Furat Abbas; may Allah Almighty always be pleased with him.

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